"What Took So Long, Mr. Obama - You May Not Stand With Iranians But The American People Do

After nearly one week of refusing to take any real stand in support of the millions fighting for freedom in Iran, Barack Obama finally showed a weak at best, “outrage,” over the killings of Iranians who died trying to revolt against the tyranny of the Mullahs.

Fox News correspondent Major Garrett asked Obama during a press conference which had him trying to explain his weak response to the Iranian situation, “what took so long ?” Indeed what took so long ? A true leader would have taken a stand long before now. German Chancellor Merkle and French President Sarkosy took a strong stand immediately after the election while Obama was still siding with the tyrannical regime.

Even with his somewhat stronger stance Obama could not resist stating that he still had to wait and see, “how this plays out.” In other words even though the regime is murdering its people in the streets, Obama still refuses to condemn them or seek any political action against the human rights violations that are being played out for the entire world to see without the United States President taking a strong stand against it.

In fact the State Department was instructed to invite Iranian Diplomats to 4th of July parties at our embassy’s and even with the violence against the Iranian people taking place daily Obama refuses to deny the invitation. So Iranian diplomats representing a government that is openly murdering their people in actions that Obama still calls a,”debate,” will be participating in our celebration of Independence while denying their citizens not only Independence but the right to protest and live without being killed for their stance.

To the people of Iran I state that although the President refuses to stand with you, we the American people not only stand with you but believe in what you are doing and hope as you do that your stance for freedom will succeed in gaining Independence from the tyranny that you suffer. We the American people are truly outraged at the murder of your fellow freedom fighters and we are truly outraged and apologize to you that    our President does not stand with you as we do!

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth