Bigfoot Found - Could It Be Obama

nullSeveral years ago the picture to the right was taken of a supposed Bigfoot sighting and has been both the center of controversy and study every since its appearance in a very brief 8 MM movie footage which was originally taken in 1967 by two hunters named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlinar .

Notice very closely the look as the creature glances back toward the camera. Notice to the movement of the hands and the configuration of the walk, again as the creature looks back toward the camera.

Many have speculated that this film is of an individual wearing a suit that was made to look like a Bigfoot.

If this is the case or if this was truly a sighting of an actual Bigfoot no one knows for sure. I believe that we may have found the origin of either the creature or the individual who was wearing a possible Bigfoot suit.

nullCompare the above picture taken from the original 8 MM film to this recent photo taken of Barack Obama during a walk through the White House grounds. Notice the similarities in the glare toward reporters and the glare toward the camera in the above Bigfoot picture.

Notice also the position of the hands and the similar walk as in the Bigfoot picture. Could Obama be the individual who was wearing a Bigfoot costume in 1967 ? Or is Obama secretly actually the legendary Bigfoot ?

While Obama is glancing over his left shoulder and the picture of the creature is glancing over its right, you must admit the similarities are very striking.

Of course this is all in fun and to you liberals our there who are reading this and getting mad as the steam begins to pour out of your ears, remember that you had fun at the expense of President Bush and we took it , when it was actually done in fun, as it was and laughed also.

If you are truly taking this seriously and finding that you are offended and extremely upset that some,” right wing nut,” would have the gall to insult your messiah and compare him to Bigfoot, then get a life and wake up and realize that you are totally obsessed with Obama and you are in danger of becoming a fanatic !

Ken Taylor  – The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth