Obama Health Care Special Proves Media Bias

Throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign the media love affair with Barack Obama was a source of aggravation because of the fact that as a candidate Obama was never truly vetted by the media and as such never truly known. Since becoming President that love affair has continued as the media has endorsed with high praise and little questioning everything Obama has done.When the cry of media bias has been given the MSM has denied this fact and even Obama has gone of record in interviews stating that the media was not in his court. Both the MSM and Obama have whined about the ,”attacks,” that have been made against him from the Fox News Network, the ONLY television news source that has actually questioned what Obama is doing and gives a balanced view of his policy.

For anyone who has questioned the fact of media bias and the love affair that the MSM is having with Barack Obama, ABC in its most recent move is putting any doubt to rest. In an unprecedented move ABC, (The American Barackcasting Company), is airing not only their nightly news program with Charles Gibson from The White House next Tuesday but preempting their prime time lineup to air Obama’s , “Healthcare Reform Special.”

The program is being advertised as a forum in which the issue of health care will be discussed and the proposed government controlled health care plan that Obama is preparing to push through Congress. A plan that he is personally trying to quickly ramrod through like his stimulus package using fear mongering tactics claiming that if not passed by the Fall The United States will face a catastrophic financial nightmare bankrupting the US economy.

Of course when the numbers are truly looked at by the impartial Congressional Budget Office, Obama’s plan in just its first phase will add another one trillion dollars to the already Obama expanded multi-trillion dollar deficit. Not to mention all of the questions concerning government controlled coverage, doctor choice, medication etc. But does ABC care about looking at the facts about Obama’s plan from a strictly journalistic view point asking questions to find real answers ? Absolutely not.

The, “Healthcare Reform Special,” airing on ABC next Tuesday from The White House will include discussion and interviews with details about the plan but all of the information for the special is coming directly from the Obama propaganda team with absolutely no opposition views to Obama’s plan being allowed on the program.

ABC is using a supposed unbiased media forum as a mouth piece for only one side of the health care debate without any opposition or question about the problems with the plan or the negative impact it will have on our economy, the medical profession, the health care industry and the type of health care that will result if Obama’s plan is passed.

No questions about government control of the health care industry or allowing government to ration health care or decide which doctors a patient must use or the type of treatment allowed under the government sponsored program. ABC will of course ask questions but all of the answers will be coming ONLY from Obama and those he is assigning to participate in this, “special.”

For anyone liberal who has questioned media bias and favoritism toward Barack Obama this blatantly biased program should put to rest any doubt that the MSM media is nothing more than an mouth piece for Barack Obama. Never before has a President been allowed a public forum on television that allows no opposing view on an important issue. Never before has a President been allowed to use a major media outlet to air a free infomercial for a proposed legislative program that will effect every American.

This is the type of programing that took place in the former Soviet Union under the state run media during the years of the Cold War. This is not a free press exercising its First Amendment rights but a press that is obsessed with Barack Obama and is choosing to not only side with his policy but to become a propaganda instrument for the airing of that policy.

Our Constitution provides for three Branches of government. In the First Amendment it also provides for freedom of the press which was intended to be the watch dog of all three Branches so that any Branch or elected official within this government could not have the chance of becoming a tyrant or for the government to usurp the true authority of the people in being the true power and ultimate authority of our government. A free press Constitutionally is supposed to help the people through unbiased reporting and journalistic integrity which should keep politicians on their toes and accountable to the people.

This true intent of freedom of the press no longer exists with the MSM when it comes to Barack Obama. ABC on Tuesday night will belong to Barack Obama. He has taken ownership of the network and with their permission is deciding programing and content giving the guise of a free and open debate about an issue that concerns all Americans. This ruse will be aired and unfortunately many Americans will think they are being told the whole truth because it is airing on ABC. If you think we are not moving toward Marxists/socialism under Barack Obama then be sure to watch the state run programming Tuesday night on ABC.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com