Barack Obama Either Naive On Iran Or Just Plain Dumb

The Iranian, “election,” is history. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the incumbent was ,”reelected,” with what has been reported as a landslide victory of about 70% with he an three other candidates running for President. His closest competition was a more moderate candidate whose loss has caused massive and violent protests in the streets by supporters.

The world is acting surprised and calling for investigations. But one world leader who has been out spoken about calling for close negotiations and a working relationship with the Iranian government and as he has stated, “changing,” the mood between The United States and Iran is reacting as if this rigged election was a total surprise and even considered at any time to be a fair election by the Iranian Theocray.

At a time when a United States President should be stating support for demonstrations that are clearly protesting not only the theocratic rule of Iran but the oppressive regime that has been evident under Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama is stating that he wants to make it,” very clear that it is up to Iranians to make decisions about who Iran’s leaders will be.”

Does he not understand that the results of this election were a foregone conclusion even before the election was scheduled to happen ? Does he not understand that the election was never anything more than a show which was designed to lie to the world that Iran believed in the free process of the voice of the people? Does he not understand that the Mullahs ALWAYS have the final say in what happens in Iran and Ahmadinejad is the choice of the Mullahs regardless of an election ?

Obama is either extremely naive of just plain dumb if he actually thinks that a free election was ever going to take place in Iran. I truly think that his belief was a combination of both naivety and ignorance. On the Iranian election day he boasted that the ,”robust debate,” that was taking place in Iran was a result of words he had spoken during his much touted speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, Egypt about one week before the election.

Since the speech and even before Obama has thought that his ,”let’s be buddies,” approach to Iran would actually make a difference with a regime who has been the leading state sponsor of terrorism, the strongest and most vocal proponent for the destruction of Israel and the greatest source and threat of total war in the Middle East.

Iran has sought and continues to seek nuclear weapons claiming that their ,”research,” is for peaceful energy usage only. A claim that Obama has obviously bought into since he has stated publicly that Iran has a ,”right,” to nuclear power. A right by the way that he has fought against for our own country. It seems that he is the ONLY world leader who believes that Iran is striving for nuclear energy and not nuclear weapons.

For Obama to actually think that any Iranian election would be fair and impartial is a lesson in just how truly naive he is and how dangerous that can and will be for the security of The United States. He clearly either does not understand the reality of the regime in Iran or actually arrogantly believes that his eloquent words of appeasement will change the course of a regime that has acted as a rogue state for more than 30 years.

At a time when a United States President should be expressing support for pro-democracy elements in Iran he is acting as if an election whose conclusion was decided by the Mullahs long before the first vote was cast caught him by surprise and that the will of the Iranian people was something that this regime actually cared about. Naive or dumb or both you make the call.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com

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