Barack Obama Returns To Pre 9/11

Throughout his campaign Barack Obama touted himself as the candidate of change. In fact ,”hope and change,” was about the only thing that we actually heard while he was seeking the office of President of The United States. Since taking office we have actually seen what that, “change,” actually meant.

In the short months that he has been in office he has changed the deficit from ridiculous to unbelievable and in his own words unsustainable. He has increased spending in an unprecedented spending spree. He is expanding government more than any predecessor and at an alarming rate.

He has taken over two of the three American auto makers using bankruptcy as the means to nationalize GM and Chrysler to force his, “green,” cars on an American public who do not want to buy these small, unsafe and truly inefficient vehicles. Through the bailout programs he is moving to nationalize banks and other financial based institutions.

He has appointed more Czars than existed through the entire history of Russia whose appointed responsibilities in, “oversight,” will actually give them executive powers that are designed to usurp the Constitutional balance of the three branches of government since these Czars are not elected and not accountable to the people or anyone else for that matter other than Barack Obama.

But of all the changes that Barack Obama has made in his socialistic march to government control of America and Americans one of the most disturbing and dangerous changes that he has made and is continuing to make are the security moves that are taking this Nation back to a pre 9/11 mentality and defense position.

Prior to the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001, all terrorist activity was treated as a criminal offense with endless indictments that could not be served much less prosecuted. Terrorist where thought of as fringe elements who had no real organization and acted individually or as small groups in isolated incidents.

9/11 proved the complex planning and world wide capabilities of an immense organization of groups with Al Qaeda being the largest and most powerful whose singular goal was to destroy western civilization with the major target being The United States and Americans. Thus after 9/11 terrorism correctly and justifiably was treated as and act of war and American policy was changed accordingly providing full military action against terrorists with those captured treated as enemy combatants.

Now under the new,” lets get along,” attitude created by Barack Obama, terrorism is no longer an act of war but official seen as a ,”man caused disaster.” The word terrorism is no longer allowed to be mentioned officially as terrorists are considered misunderstood individuals who if coddled to in an appeasing and friendly manner will turn from their murderous activities and join the world in singing ,”Kum Ba Ya,” with Obama as the choir leader.

In his recent speech in Cairo, Egypt which was directed specifically to the Muslim world which most terrorist activity stems from because of those who have bastardized the Islamic religion, Obama mentioned those killed as a result of 9/11 but then proceeded to apologize for America’s justified reaction to the attacks and the justifiable anger of Americans.

He put forth the idea from his own mind that the majority of Americans were angered at the entire Muslim world because of 9/11 as if we ignorant citizens of The United States do not have the sense enough to know and understand that those who killed Americans on that day and have been fighting our troops since then in the war do not represent the majority of Muslims nor speak for that majority. It has taken the ,”brilliance,” of the Obamamessiah to explain this to us and apologize for our anger to the world.

Despite the belief of more than 80% of the American people that Guantanamo Bay’s detention center should NOT be closed, Obama to satisfy the ACLU and the far left of his party is still moving almost on a daily basis to close the only real safe place in the entire world to keep these enemy combatants.

In fact he has already been shipping them to other countries whose own people do not want them but whose governments are willing to take them along with American bribe money at the cost of millions of dollars paid to those countries. Of course Obama does not call it a bribe but money to assist in the relocation of the detainees. Call it what you will a bribe is a bribe for without the money the detainees would not be taken.

Terrorist from Gitmo are already starting to enter the US court system for trials that will cost millions and rights are given to the prisoners that are specifically and Constitutionally designed for American citizens. Also the prisoners will have crack ACLU type lawyers who will seek to have them released and push for the release of classified documents in order to ,”defend,” their client which will have tremendous national security ramifications if a judge grants any request for such documents.

This too is a way in which Obama is catering to his liberal fringe because much of the Justice System consists of liberal Judges who will not hesitate to force the release of highly classified and sensitive documents. Documents whose release will endanger America and in which liberals have been whining to be released to the public for years. Now with the courts again in control as before 9/11 they may get their wish. A military tribunal would be allowed to prosecute an enemy combatant without revealing classified information to the public.

9/11 brought the realization that radical Islamic fanatics had been at war with The United States long before we understood who they were and what their true goal was through their ruthless and murderous attacks and plans. When we finally understood and took the battle directly to them their capabilities diminished, their numbers decreased and their influence among Muslims also diminished as Muslims began to understand who these radicals were and the true evil that motivated them. Additionally, because of the war they understood the consequences for the actions of the radicals.

Obama is quickly and systematically returning us to the failed policy that allowed the attacks of September 11 to happen. He claims that our actions since have caused an increase in the numbers of those who follow Islamic radicals. Yet all of the evidence both in the lack of attacks and the real response of the Muslim world to Islamic radicals shows just the opposite as their former popularity has greatly decreased as a result of the continuing victories in the War on Terror that under Obama no longer exists.

The world is a dangerous place and the people of The United States have the right Constitutionally to know that we are safe as a Nation and that those who choose to be our enemies will not be allowed to endanger this country or her people. ,”Providing for the common defense,” does not mean apologizing for American action in defending our self from attack nor pursuing those who wish to do us harm.

In his interest to be the king of the world Barack Obama is placing his popularity above the Nations security and his appeasement to the left and countries who would not like us no matter what we do before protecting America and Americans.

Ken Taylor  http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com

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