Barack Obama, "Pay As You Go," Means, "Pay As I Go"

Barack Obama the President who in a short six months, (seems like years), has spent more than any other President, even those who have had two terms, created larger deficits than all President’s combined had the hypocritical gall to tell the Congress that we cannot spend more than we have so it is time to return to the, “pay as you go,” policy.

“Pay as you go,” should mean that the government works like every family in the Nation tries to work and that is paying for what is spent ONLY with money that we have or cut something out of the budget to counter expense. Obama told the Congress that for every dollar spent that EITHER an equal dollar should be cut from the budget OR an equal amount of tax increased.

We are talking about Democrats so we all know which option will be chosen. Obama, the lying hypocrite who claimed that he would cut taxes for 95% of Americans has just given the Congress the green light to raise taxes for every dollar of additional spending the he and the liberal Congress decide they want to spend.

Not once in this joke of a speech did Obama mention that he was planning on cutting back on his trillion dollar deficit spending agenda. Not once did he mention in this joke of a speech the he planned on holding off on his planned government take over of the health care industry and the billions of dollars that it will entail. Not once did he mention in this joke of a speech that he would stop expanding government creating more massive entitlements.

So his true instruction to Congress was increase taxes so I can continue my ,”pay as I go,” spending agenda. Obama realizes that China who owns most of our debt is beginning to balk at continuing to purchase treasury bonds based on an every increasing inflationary American dollar created by massive deficit spending and money printing.

Obama also is seeing the polls that are showing a backlash with the American people who are growing weary of trillion dollar deficits which have been created since Obama took office. So he steps in front of the cameras and tries to look like a fiscal conservative demanding a ,”pay as you go,” discipline in spending while not once considering any real budget cuts but only increased spending matched with increased taxation.

Taxation that cannot come from the upper 2% of wage earners who have been demonized as wealthy robber barons by Obama, creating a class warfare claiming that this 2% must be punished with increased taxation because they have had the unfair practice of being successful and making very good incomes which is unfair in Obamaland to the lower percentage who do not work or make lower incomes by choice or lack of drive because they have been raised thinking the world owes them a living.

The problem is with Obama’s spending plan, massive government expansion and unsustainable deficits, the top 2% if taxed at 100% would not even begin to pay for a tenth of what Obama demands in his,”pay as you go,” scheme. So where will the taxation go ? To every American wage earner and every American business across the board with massive tax increases to match the massive spending in Obama’s agenda.

This is precisely what conservatives warned about during the election cycle last year. We knew that Obama would NEVER be able to pay for what he was planning. We knew he would not be able to print enough money or borrow enough from China in order to cover the bill for his spending. The only way he could possibly pay for all that he campaigned on and since elected made policy was to raise taxes across the board in a massive way.

Now he has instructed the Congress to make that a reality demanding ,”pay as you go,” by either budget cutting which Democrats NEVER do or increasing taxes which Democrats have ALWAYS loved to do. The tyrannical reign of Barack Obama is now in full stride as hypocrisy, spending, deficits and government take over and control of business and our money is showing its socialist/Marxist face. If you don’t believe me then just ask the Russian news agency Pravda who covered Obama’s march to American Marxism last week. And who better to recognize Marxism than a Russian ?

Ken Taylor  http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com