Obama's Vision Of America Will Not Stand

During the last week five events took place that when reviewed as a whole possibly may define where this Nation is headed and how far we have fallen from who we once were and many of us yearn for us to be once again. The events took place in the following order. The murder of George Tiller, the murder of Private William Long, the dedication of the Ronald Reagan Statue in the Capitol, Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo and finally the 65th Anniversary of D Day.

How do each of these events coincide with one another into defining who we once were as a Nation and what possibly our future holds especially in light of the administration of Barack Obama ? First in order to understand how each of these events tie into one another we must look at them individually and in the order they took place last week.

The murder of George Tiller – Tiller was a well known abortion doctor who lived in Kansas and was murdered while attending church last Sunday. First let me state for the record that the murder of Tiller was a heinous crime and should not have happened nor should be celebrated regardless of what he did for a living.

The media and the left quickly jumped on this murder which was perpetrated by a lone nut bag who had a history of mental problems and violence according to his family. Yet the left and the media treated it as if Tiller was a martyr and a hero despite the fact that he was personally responsible for the deaths of more than 60,000 unborn children and made millions off of the taking of those lives through abortion.

Obama went on record condemning the murder and the Justice Department is now beginning an investigation into whether the murder was part of some vast right wing plot all though the murderer was quickly identified and captured and is now justifiably siting in jail awaiting trial and conviction for his crime.

The murder of Private William Long – Private Long was an Army recruiter in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was gunned down by an admitted Muslim extremist who claimed he killed the young Private because of the United States military actions in Afghanistan. This murderer is another nut bag who is using his religion as an excuse for taking life.

The media has all but ignored this heinous crime. Private Long was serving his country and performing his duty as a recruiter when his life was needlessly taken yet his murder has been ignored and not one mention of his death has been made by the Commander In Chief. There is no investigation planned to see if this was part of a plot against military personnel though like Tiller’s murderer the killer is in custody awaiting trial and conviction.

The dedication of the Ronald Reagan Statue – In 2006 Congress commissioned a Statue to be created that would stand in the Rotunda of the Nations Capitol. That statue was dedicated last week as members of Congress and Nancy Reagan gathered to display the wonderful bronze likeness of President Ronald Reagan.

During the dedication ceremony members of Congress from both sides of the isle spoke of the eternal patriotic optimism of President Reagan, remembering his valiant stand against the evil of communism which resulted in the collapse of The Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall just ten months after he left office. In fact pieces of the Berlin Wall were sculpted within the Statue.

Reagan was praised by each speaker at the dedication for restoring to America our pride, strength and patriotism at a time when each had diminished because of events that had taken this Nation down a path of uncertainty. They praised his eternal optimism and vision of America as the Shining City on the Hill restoring our economy and returning this country to prominence in the world.

Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo – Many have praised this speech as a new beginning for America and the Muslim world. But in actuality the speech while possibly opening some new ground spent more time apologizing for who we are and begging Muslims to put what Obama sees as our past discrepancies behind.

He mentioned our anger in light of the unprovoked attacks which took place on 9/11 and those who innocently died as a result but went on to apologize for that same anger which was justified because of the attacks. Almost asking the Muslim world to forgive we ignorant Americans for being upset because our fellow countrymen and women needlessly died at the hands of extremists who performed and act of war against our country.

Obama stated that it was wrong in a his vision of a new World order for one Nation to be elevated above others. Which is a slap in the face to American strength and ideals which has historically been the envy of the world and because those ideals place this Nation as the lone beacon of liberty we have also been the source of help and sustenance to most of the world. But Obama’s apology deems this wrong.

The 65th Anniversary of D Day – June 6, 1944, thousands of American, British and Canadian soldiers stormed ashore at the beaches of Normandy, France to begin the liberation of Europe from the oppressive evil grasp of Adolf Hitler. On the 65th Anniversary veterans, active duty soldiers and dignitaries from the allied countries gathered a the America Cemetery above Omaha beach to commemorate what the brave men of 1944 on the June day.

Men who went not because they had to but because it was the right thing and bringing freedom through liberation from oppression was not just noble but the underlying desire of every man, woman and child on the enslaved Continent of Europe.

Now that each event has been defined individually how do they come together as a whole to possibly define our future as a Nation and the ,”vision,” that Barack Obama has for this country ?

The murder of George tiller was treated as the death of a hero by the left and the media, condemned by the President and sparked and investigation into, “right wing,” hate groups. While the death of a member of our Armed Forces went virtually unnoticed and was treated as of it had no significance. Tiller made his fortune by the deaths of thousands of innocent unborn children and his actions were constantly justified in the media even when confronted in light of these innocent deaths, excuses were made for the abortions.

Private Long was serving his country and gunned down for that service yet his death was not even an after thought . Is this what our Nation has become ? A place where the deaths of innocent children through abortion id defended in the media and the murder of one who performed those killings is treated as a martyrdom and his actions as heroic ? While the murder of a soldier by an extremist is ignored ?

Have we become a Nation where the apology of a President for justifiable anger in the wake of the most devastating attack our country has ever experienced is though of as necessary for The United States to continue to takes it place of leadership in the world ? Has it become necessary for this country to put aside American exceptionalism in order to fit in with other countries who are jealous of that exceptionalism yet cry to it for help in their time of need ? According to Barack Obama it is.

Have the ideals of patriotism and American strength and exceptionalism that were so wonderfully expounded by Ronald Reagan become a thing of the past that are only remembered in a statue and a memorial for a great American President ? Have we become a Nation that must apologize constantly for our greatness and set aside our ideals in order to get along in Obama’s new world order ?

President Reagan lifted our hearts as he described to us an America whose light of liberty shined throughout the world as a beacon of freedom and hope. The world grasped this same ideal and responded to the reality of American exceptionalism with respect and partnership in expressing this hope to their neighbors in the same light as that which President Reagan expressed.

As a Nation we to grasped this wonderful exceptionalism and understood that it was who we are and that through our ideals and freedom we could conquer any problem that we faced both individually and as a Nation. Those ideals which Reagan expressed to a hurting world also helped those in other countries understand that America was the beacon of hope and that through our strength and exceptionalism they to could reach for the same freedom embracing stars that America had found.

This exceptionalism is what drove the men to set aside their own instinct of self preservation in order to storm the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944 saying to the world that they saw and understood evil and on their watch it would not be allowed to stand. They sacrificed because of American ideals and exceptionalism to liberate people who they did not know because it was the right thing to do and it was necessary to destroy the evil of fascism and oppression.

We remember these heroes of Normandy every year BECAUSE of their exceptionalism and their profound belief in freedom and the ideals and values which had made our country great. The driving force which caused in each of the heroes of Normandy the desire to volunteer to fight for freedom regardless of the cost and to drive evil from the face of Europe liberating strangers so they to could experience the same freedom.

But in Obama’s America that exceptionalism must be set aside and only a dream of the past in order bow before other Nations with hat in hand apologizing for our arrogance and our strength. To express to an Islamic people that we were angry at them because of 9/11 when in actuality we understood that radical extremists who bastardized their religion were responsible and not all Muslims. Yet Obama felt it necessary to apologize anyway.

Is this the America we have become ? Where the murder of innocent children is heroic and a soldiers service is not ? Where patriotism and American exceptionalism must be apologized for and set aside in order to get along with other Nations ? Where a President of The United States tours the world with hat in hand to apologize for American strength and greatness ?

My friends THAT IS NOT MY AMERICA! I believe in American exceptionalism. I believe that we set above other Nations because of our freedom and as a result we ARE the light of hope that President Reagan always spoke of. I believe that our strength is why others look to us as that hope and for our help. I believe that when we are attacked regardless of who attacked we have a justifiable right to fight for our Nation and must NEVER apologize for our righteous anger. I believe that in America murder is murder regardless of the victim being born or unborn and that those who murderer NOT martyrs and heroes!

And finally I believe that it is time for our President to wake up to this and understand that his vision of America is NOT the vision of Americans. His vision of America is not what will continue to have us the leader of the world. His vision of America will dim the light of hope that we have become. And his vision of America will not stand BECAUSE we the people know and understand that this is an exceptional Nation whose light of freedom and liberty will always be the hope for a world searching for what we have already found. God Bless America and may our strength, freedom a exceptionalism always be a beacon of hope to the world !

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com

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