Obama Hypocrisy And The End Of The,"Compelling Story"

Since the announcement of the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor as Obama’s replacement for Justice David Souter to The Supreme Court, the media has given the American people a deluge of commentary and reporting about the, “compelling story,” of her rise from humble beginnings to possibly the highest court in the land.

In fact her, “compelling story,” has been so prominent in the media that little has been said about her only real criteria for becoming a SCOTUS Justice and that is her judicial record which is one of activism and decisions based on her background and gender rather than Constitutional principle which in this writers opinion makes her questionable for confirmation. But that is not the subject of this post.

This post will dwell into the realm of the ,”compelling story,” and not just Sotomayor but the history of those in our country who have risen to prominence in government service and have had an equal and much greater ,”compelling story,” than this likely future Justice whose very rise to nomination reveals the hypocrisy of Barack Obama and the possible end of the, “compelling story,” in the future of this Nation.

Our history especially when one looks at the Presidency is filled with people who have had ,”compelling stories.” People who have risen from humble beginnings and because of the freedom and liberty that allows any individual to rise from nothing and through hard work and perseverance become among those who are enshrined in the greatness of American history.

In the Presidency alone from Washington to Obama we see stories of men who have risen from poverty to power not because of a hand out or assistance from any government entity but from the sweat of their brow and the understanding that if one wants to achieve in this land of the free then each had the opportunity to do so. Even those President’s who were born into wealthy families like Roosevelt, Kennedy and Bush did not look to government for prosperity but became self made men who used their privileged life to shape themselves into individuals who sought to serve their fellow Americans.

In fact many of the men who became President shaped their life of service from the prosperity that was theirs because of the success of generations before them whose ancestors became successful BECAUSE of the freedom to prosper according to ones ability and initiative to seek and find the ,”American Dream.”

Not once in our vast and great history do we read or hear of any of our President’s or others who have shaped our country through their service to the people when telling of the ,”compelling story,” that brought them to historical prominence, not once do any of these great stories of individual success give credit for that success to programs of government assistance. Never do we read or hear of these history makers thanking SSI or the intervention of any other government program for their success, yet this government intervention is the America that Obama is creating for our future.

That is the true hypocrisy of Barack Obama. He nominates an individual to the Supreme Court who is a self made woman and praises her, “compelling story,” while instituting through his policy and massive government expansion a Socialist agenda that can make similar ,”compelling stories,” less likely as government intervention grows and individual success and prosperity decreases because of government.

In fact the very class of Americans whose success and prosperity have been the greatest force in our strength economically and also in most who have risen to historical significance and influence in our history are the class of Americans that Obama’s policy is seeking to punish and even eliminate by his policy of spreading the wealth to those that he believes deserve it more.

Our history as a Nation consists of individuals both in government and in the private sector who have become prosperous because of taking advantage of the freedom in this country to achieve according to ones own ability and drive for success. This freedom is one of the most compelling and fundamental principles of our Nation. It is what causes people from all over the world to seek citizenship in this county. The dream of succeeding though freedom to become anything our heart desires. Those who succeed to high office and corporate giants or the Mom and Pop business are the backbone of American success.

If Obama’s agenda of government expansion and intervention forcing Americans into greater dependency on government than we have known in out history is allowed to reach full fruition then .”compelling stories,” of personal prosperity through the freedom from government and using ones own ability only to succeed could become a thing of the past.

His punishment of the great achievers who have earned what they have but now according to Obama do not deserve to keep it but must through government intervention be forced to turn that success over to Obama so that he through his ,”infinite,” wisdom can redistribute it to those that he believes are more worthy and not earned it, creates a scenario where the American Dream may soon die and the Obama Socialist Utopia becomes reality.

In future generations when one is appointed to the Supreme Court we may hear that the next generations ,”compelling story,” is one in which the nominee thanks the government and the welfare state for assisting their parents. Where the nominee thanks the government program that supplied the college education enabling them to study law. Where the nominee states that as a Judge they will use the Constitution only as a quaint reference to America’s past but not necessary to determine America’s future.

But them if this Obama created Socialist Utopia becomes American reality and the future of our Nation, no one will seek high office because the drive to succeed will disappear as government dependency shapes a generation of Americans who have no desire to achieve because they will have not earned anything they have. They will look to government for the answers that Americans have always sought from God and from their own inner drive to prosper and succeed. The American Dream will no longer exist and The United States will be just another country like others in this world who struggle to survive.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com