Obama Dictates To Nationalized Car Manufacturing

With the United States Auto Industry in full retreat and two of the , “Big 3,” either in bankruptcy or nearing bankruptcy, Barack Obama announced huge new CAFE standards for Auto Emissions which will require that all US made vehicles meet fuel standards that would require each manufacturing company to have an average fleet fuel economy of 35.5 miles per gallon.

This standard will also raise the cost of each vehicle by about $1300.00 in an industry that is already struggling to compete with foreign car manufacturers. Basically Obama told US auto makers that while you are hurting, I am going to make you hurt more.

Of course the liberal press jumped on the band wagon calling this a major necessity to prevent Global Warming and that surprisingly everyone was on board which was unusual. Well everyone is one board because Obama’s enviromentalists in Washington are part of his team and the government owns GM and Chrysler.

Ford the only standing private US auto maker agreed that the new CAFE standards could be met only because to survive they must buy into Obama’s forced plan or be pressured into a similar situation that GM and Chrysler find themselves in. Namely being run by the government.

This is part of a move by Obama to force US car manufacturing to produce vehicles that are small and not as safe in a crash in order to meet the new imposed standards. The American consumer has yet to buy into these less safe vehicles which is evidenced by the smaller sales of hybrids and other similar , “fuel efficient,” cars that are over priced.

Additionally the manufacturing of these vehicles is not only more costly but the batteries required to run the hybrids are extremely hazardous and environmentally dangerous when it comes to disposal. Yet this is the type of vehicle that the new CAFE standards are going to force into greater production.

The CAFE standards were originally established in 1975 under the Ford Administration and expanded during the Carter years. Though continued to an extent since then they have proven to be a failed plan in creating fuel efficient cars that are also affordable to consumers.

Yet Obama the President of , “change,” reverts to the old tried and failed forced government CAFE standard which assisted in making American cars the most expensive vehicles manufactured and helped to cause the collapse of the American Auto Manufacturing Industry.

Onca again Obama’s agenda when it comes to business and especially the Auto Industry is proving to be one of control by the government instead of his claimed assistance to make the struggling industry solvent once again.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com