Pelosi's Days Are Numbered

Stumbling, bumbling and defensive. This describes the press conference held by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi concerning the continuing drama as to when she new and how much she new about Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.

Acting like a nervous defendent who knew they had been caught as the evidence was presented, Pelosi contradicted her own words as she tried to spin her innocence once again in the knowledge of waterboarding and other EIT’s that were being used by the CIA as a means of gathering intelligence from captured Al Qaeda terrorists.

She has continually claimed she knew nothing. Then after a CIA memo appeared revealing that she was personally briefed in 2002, Pelosi claimed that a staffer was briefed and that she was only informed of the briefing. Adding the ultimate lie and insult, Pelosi then accuses the CIA of misleading Congress which now has turned the inferno surrounding her into a firestorm.

Lying to Congress is a federal crime and now Pelosi has placed the CIA in the position of defending this false accusation. Officials have already been in contact with the media informing them that Pelosi’s statement was false. Bill O’Reilly mentioned this contact on his show and that the CIA denied misleading Congress and that Pelosi was full briefed.

She has now started a war with the CIA and rest assured that the Agency will now release detailed information about Pelosi’s briefings as well as push for her personal records of those same briefings. This is a battle that Pelosi cannot win, especially in light of her actions in the May 14 press conference which increases pressure that she is lying about both her knowledge of EIT’s and the briefings.

Pelosi’s days are numbered as Speaker of the House. Many in her own party are shaking their heads after her press conference accusations and some including Joe Lieberman have come forward and stated for the record that the CIA does not mislead when briefing Congress.

Rather than becoming an avenue to attack Republicans and the Bush administration, which was the true intent when the original memos were released by Obama, this has now become a major problem for Democrats and Obama and will evenually be the downfall of Nancy Pelosi.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com