Nancy Pelocchio The Liar - No Surprise

With each passing day pictures of Nancy Pelosi have looked as if her nose were growing at an alarming rate. As it turns out the reason is that just as the beloved fictional character Pinocchio, when Pelosi lies her nose grows…..or at least her spin on the lie grows.

Several weeks ago when the Obama administration released the CIA memos revealing Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, Nancy Pelosi was quickly before the cameras saying, “I told you so,” pointing fingers and crying in a loud self righteous voice what she had said many times before when asked about her knowledge of the interrogations. In the famous words of Sargeant Schultz of Hogans Heroes fame, “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing , NOTHING !”

And just like the bumbling Sargeant Shultz, Pelocchio saw, heard and knew about everything that she was emphatically denying before the cameras. According to intelligence documents released by the CIA, Pelosi was briefed along with then Congressman later CIA Director Porter Goss about the techniques in detail and the fact that waterboarding had already been used on Abu Zubaydah an Al Qaeda operative who was captured early in the war.

The memo specifically states that Pelosi then ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and Goss then Chairman of the same Committee were fully briefed about the techniques and the use of waterboarding on Zubaydah on September 4, 2002. Pelosi has been accused of knowing in detail about the use of Enhanced Interrogation and has only protested their use and denied knowledge of them when information became public and those on the left including anti-war activists also protested.

The memo now confirms the accusation against Pelosi and that she has been lying from the beginning that she new nothing and that she was highly offended by the use of the techniques. But the lying Speaker even after the CIA memo revealing her knowledge of the techniques and the use of waterboarding on Zubaydah was released still tried to spin ignorance despite the evidence to the contrary.

So once again Pelocchios nose continues to grow and once again the lying Speaker of the House acts self righteous before the world. But we now know what most of us have suspected for many years. Pelosi is an opportunist who uses any and all means, including lying to satisfy her left wing supporters, demean this great country and hold on to her lust for power and the destruction of American liberty through a liberal/socialist agenda.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com