Reagan vrs Obama, The First 100 Days

This week marks the end of the first 100 days of the Obama Presidency. A moment in history that all Presidents have faced and that in the modern Presidency has become a bases for review and reflection by the media and historians as to whether a President is successful or that he is actually grasping the responsibilities that he embarks upon after taking the Oath of Office.

As Obama enters that 100 day review, the spin by the Obama media and his own staff is creating the idea that Obama’s, “energetic,” agenda places him as the ,”greatest President in history,” as one left leaning blog was quoted as stating.

In looking at the first 100 days I thought it would be interesting to compare this historical landmark that Obama is reaching to another President, Ronald Reagan. Some are trying to actually make comparisons between Reagan and Obama since both in the early days of their Presidency’s have shown the ability to communicate well.

Personally in just that particularly comparison I find a great flaw in the fact that while Obama does have a smooth and charismatic delivery from his TelePrompter, what he says still has little substance and a great deal of negativism. Reagan on the other hand spoke with substance and tremendous optimism in a time where an optimistic view of America had been all but eliminated by his predecessor Jimmy Carter.

During his first 100 days Reagan while not accomplishing a massive legislative agenda, did accomplish several things that have eluded Obama. Accomplishments that in fact Obama promised during the campaign and has failed to deliver as President. One of the major themes of the Obama campaign was to set a new tone of bipartisanship in Washington, something that he has dismally failed at doing in the first 100 days.

In actuality the polarization in Washington and in the country is greater now than it was when he took office. He momentarily in only a few meetings reached out to Republicans in the first days but as a whole he has shut out all bipartisanship in nearly everything he has proposed or seen passed.

Reagan in comparison spent a great deal of time uniting and building up the confidence of the American people. The general mood in 1981 was that America’s better days had passed and that trouble was all that lay ahead. Reagan told the American people that not only were America’s better days ahead but that America was the best hope for the world. After four years that had Carter stating that Americans must accept limits on American growth and prestige, Reagan talked of America as the, “shining city on the hill,” and of American exceptionalism. Reagan took the first strong uncompromising stance against our staunches enemy , The Soviet Union, and told Americans that we would prevail.

Obama has toured both Europe and Central America apologizing for America. Speaking of American, “arrogance,” and accusing us of being ,”disengaged,” with the world. He has befriended dictators and bowed to a King. He has appeased our enemies and in fact made it just a crime now to kill Americans rather than an act of war. We can no longer refer to those who seek to kill us as terrorists but their acts are known as, “man caused disasters.”

Obama has pushed aside all attempts at bipartisanship in order to push through the largest deficit spending in our history and create massive social programs that allow more government dependency then at any other time in our history including the FDR years. And all of this in the first 100 days.

Reagan in contrast met personally with more than 400 members of Congress from BOTH parties. He befriended Speaker of the House, Democrat Tip O’Neill but did not bow to pressure from an opposition House in order to compromise his proposals. Rather he convinced the opposition to adopt his sweeping economic plan which though not passed in the first 100 days was adopted and within the second year of his Presidency reversed as much worse economy than we face today. He accomplished what Obama only promised to do and that is actually set a new tone in Washington.

Through Executive Orders Reagan enacted a Federal hiring freeze and lifted many encumbering Federal regulations. He cut back on White House travel at all levels and through his Cabinet members began cutting federal spending by instructing all Cabinet members to provide cuts across the board. He had a standing instruction at all levels and that was cut spending. Reagan spent his first 100 days establishing long term goals to establishing real changes in the way government worked and spent which corrected the problems and created a booming economy.

Obama has passed large hasty legislative initiatives which have expanded government more than anytime in history. Created deficits that are impossible to sustain and even more troublesome for the future of our Nation. He has imposed government in the actual operations of American business firing one CEO and threatening to fire another at Citicorp.

Reagan united a frustrated and depressed people. Obama is dividing Americans more than ever before. Reagan expressed American exceptionalism and greatness. Obama apologizes and speaks of American arrogance. Reagan made us proud to be Americans. Obama diminishes our strength to the world. Reagan made us stronger , Obama is weakening America and seeking further weakness.

Reagan is considered by most historians truly one of the greatest Presidents in history. His policy revived a decimated American economy and collapsed the greatest adversary we have ever faced. Reagan trusted the American people and thier ability to achieve. Obama trusts only government and considers the American people as dependents on that government. Obama’s economic policy is bankrupting our Nation, his foreign policy is weakening our capabilities and emboldening our enemies. Reagan was truly great, Obama only thinks he is great. History has proven Reagan’s greatness, history is already questioning Obama claim to greatness.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com