Obama Approves Bush Witch Hunt By Passing The Buck To Holder

It has become quite obvious that the release of the secret memos which revealed enhanced interrogation techniques that the left calls torture was a move by Barack Obama to start the witch hunt of members of the Bush administration. Allowing by Presidential approval the hunt that liberals in Congress have been trying to get started for several years.

Obama has gone out of his way to look as if he wants nothing to do with the witch hunt and that he is innocent of spear heading it by trips to the CIA headquarters claiming support for what the Agency is doing. And also stating that agents who performed the interrogations will not be investigated or prosecuted.

But because of the well known unpopularity by the majority of Americans for the witch hunt that the left has longed for toward Bush and his administration, Obama passed the buck for the, “decision,” as to whether the investigation would proceed with Bush officials to Attorney General Eric Holder. What he did not say is that the decision was already made for the witch hunt to proceed and the HE was the one who made the decision by the release of the memos.

This move to release the memos which weakens the country and destroyed intelligence gathering, was a move by Obama to appease his far left supporters and his own personal leftist agenda and give the go ahead for both the Justice Department and Congress to start the witch hunt that the left has wanted for years.

All the while knowing that no evidence of wrong doing or illegal activity is found in the way and the manner in which the intelligence was gathered. But this move opens the door for the flood gate of attacks against Bush as well as satisfying those over seas who have be whining about our country for years. Nations who will NEVER be satisfied with anything that The United States does but that Obama has chosen to bow to and appease as evidenced by his apology tour of Europe and Latin America.

In satisfying the leftists including himself, Obama is weakening our Nation as well as emboldening our enemies through the release of the memos especially without releasing the overwhelming evidence of the attacks that were thwarted and the thousand of American and Ally lives that were saved from the intelligence gathered by enhanced techniques. Techniques that do not match the definition of torture. If that were the case then former VP Al Gore tortured himself when he was running for President as he deprived himself of sleep for 72 hours to campaign around the clock. A technique that was used in intelligence gathering and Obama and clan consider torture.

Additionally Obama flat our lied when the memos were released when he said that the use of the techniques did not protect America or make us more secure. When in one of the very memos released, which he obviously as usual DID NOT READ, stated in one of the few results that were not blacked out, that information acquired through water boarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed who had refused to talk BEFORE the technique, was directly responsible for stopping a planned attack which would have taken out the largest building in Los Angeles in the same way as The World Trade Center.

The timing of the release of the memos combined with the visit to CIA headquarters and the passing of the buck to Holder for the pursuit and witch hunt that will follow makes it obvious that this move was designed to allow the left the satisfaction of investigating Bush and his administration with Presidential approval to create unwarranted and unnecessary hearings, subpoenas, MSM feeding frenzies and false and shameless accusations of men and women who sacrificed from Bush on down the line to protect this Nation.

All the while Obama looks like an innocent bystander who in actuality is the spearhead and instigator of the witch hunt. Sacrificing the safety and security of the country, appeasing our detractors and enemies for the specific purpose of satisfying a long standing leftist agenda and increasing his personal personal popularity with his left wing supporters.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com