The Tea Party Movement Is Real

For those who still insist that the Tea Party Movement is nothing more than right wing extremist rednecks who are only expressing their racists views and because they dare to stand against an oppressive government and are unpatriotic, think again.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, those favoring the reasons for the Tea Parties are the MAJORITY in The United States. The Rasmussen poll sites 51% of Americans are favorable to the Tea Parties with 32% showing very favorable toward the movement. Only 33% according to the poll were unfavorable.

David Axelrod a top Obama advisor stated Sunday that the Tea Party Movement was , “unhealthy,” for America. This opinion coincides with the poll showing that only 18% of the, “political class,” had a favorable opinion of the Tea Parties and a full 81% of the same class had an unfavorable opinion. Considering that the Movement stands against what the political class is doing in Washington it is no wonder that they find it unfavorable because their political well being is at stake as the people are rising against them.

To David Axelrod who spoke Sunday as a representative of the Obama administration I ask this. Since when is it unhealthy for Americans to stand for our Constitution ? Since when is it unhealthy for Americans to fulfil our Constitutional responsibility as citizens and hold our government accountable for what they are doing.

Since when is it unhealthy for the people to demand that Washington listen to the will of the people which is what our Founders intended as the way and form in which this free Nation should operate ? The Rasmussen poll further displays the true support for the Tea Party cause by showing that 58% of Americans are following stories about the Tea Parties and the resulting discussion with 32% following very closely. Only41% stated that they were not following the Tea Party reports.

For those who have tried to claim that this movement is run by and consisting of only those affiliated with the GOP, the Rasmussen poll states that 47% of Democrats and 50% of those who claim no party affiliation have been following events surrounding the Tea Parties. With a full 54% of mainstream Democrats showing a favorable opinion of the Tea Parties. Those who claim a GOP affiliation show an 83% favorability.

The Tea Parties expresse the cause and the reality of what is taking place through this movement and the strength of the people who are fed up with government and with the continual intervention against our freedoms and prosperity by an ever growing federal monstrosity.

The people are finally understanding that we are the Constitutional power in this country and for this Nation to be free and to continue to stay the light of hope and freedom both here and abroad than it is our responsibility to take back our government and to make them fully accountable to we the people.

Take a stand today. We do not need to nor can we wait for a voter revolution in 2010. Many claim that because Barack Obama’s popularity numbers still hover in the upper 50’s that this is a sign that the majority of Americans favor what he and Washington are doing. 51% support the Tea Party opposition to Washington while 59% of Americans believe that the current policy is taking the country in the wrong direction with 54% believing that the government is doing to much to,” help,” the economy. Those numbers speak more truth than a Presidential popularity poll.

So the time is now to stand against Washington and current policy. We can make a difference if we by shier numbers flood Washington especially through the House of Representatives with our anger and frustration. They may ignore by stating that we need to contact the Representative from our District. But by contacting every Congress person we make them stand up and take notice collectively because it is then they will understand that the people are fed up.

It is then that they will understand that their political livelihood is at stake and it is then that they will understand that they must and will listen to we the people. Stand and fight, protest as we did last Wednesday but enforce that protest with your voice expressed through phone calls, emails and yes even hand written letters to Washington, flooding the Capitol with our grievances and forcing, by our numbers, those we have hired to listen to the will of the people!

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com