Obama And The Left's Real Concern About The Tea Party Movement

We were called insignificant. The MSM and cable news, other than Fox, went out of their way to degrade, insult and create a picture of the Tea Parties as gatherings of ,”white racists,” and brainless extremists who know nothing and were organized and paid for by the rich who are, “finally,” getting their just reward by Obama’s tax agenda.

Democrat leaders in Congress claimed that the rich paid for and organized by force this gathering last Wednesday. They claimed it was ,”shameful,” and, “despicable,” because the protest was against the massive deficit and spending agenda being forced upon America by Barack Obama and the liberals who run Congress.

The media and the left quickly jumped on a report that stated that 250,000 was the ,”pitiful,” number of people nationwide who attended the Tea Parties. They neglected to report that this number was from less than half of the Tea Parties and when the nearly 900 that actually occurred across the Nation are counted the number is closer to 750 to 800,000.

Fox News was attacked as an ,”extremist right wing,” conservatives only news outlet because only Fox understood the true significance of the rallies and chose to report it as the real news that it was throughout the day. Yet the ratings prove that the Fox coverage was not only justified but expressed the real interest and support by the public as Fox ratings destroyed all other outlets on April 15.

The left in their degrading of the Tea Parties have shown their actual concern over the protests. You don’t attack something that you are not afraid of. The attacks by the left and the MSM bordered on insanity with the accusations and the insults that were directed at the Tea Parties and the overboard attempt to try and pass them off as only a gathering of ,”right wing racists.”

First the true significance of the Tea Parties and why they truly scare the left comes from understanding the difference between this movement and the anti-war protests or other left leaning gatherings that have taken place. Liberals for the most part are followers. There are some exceptions but as a whole when one liberal gathers for a cause the rest of the sheep will follow.

Second, it is widely known that many liberals are protesters by profession. ACORN and other liberal groups when organizing protests actually pay expenses and sometimes even salaries to those who protest for whatever leftists cause that is on the menu for any particular day. And the protests are organized and financed by well known left leaning groups like ACORN, Code Pink, Move On .org or other less famous but equally left leaning.

The Tea Parties are a grass roots movement of everyday Americans who for the most part embrace the more conservative values. The movement crosses all party lines and where the real significance is found rests in the fact that we are not followers but individualists who seldom if at all participate in gatherings to protest or anything else for that matter.

Unlike liberal sheep it takes a great deal to move us to gather and stand en mass for anything. We would rather use our time pursuing our daily activities and embrace our beliefs in a private way or discuss them with only close friends and family.

For 750,000or more conservatives to gather for anything en mass as happened on April 15 is extremely significant because if underlines the real and true anger that is brewing against the government and the agenda that is being pushed in Washington. This anger did not start with Barack Obama. In fact it has been brewing for years. Obama’s excessive policy became the catalyst that prompted us to finally move in a way we have considered for years.

When adding the numbers that Fox News had on Wednesday, which totaled almost 4 million each for the top two news commentary shows that covered the Tea Parties live and nearly 3 million each for the next tier, all of which more than tripled the closest competitor for Prime Time news coverage, the interest and true strength of the Tea Party movement becomes obvious.

This is not just against taxation. We, as with most Americans do not mind paying our fair share. This is actually a long overdue stand by everyday Americans who are fed up with big government, excessive spending, massive deficits and Representative who are more interested in satisfying themselves and lobby’s than the people who put them in office.

We are tired of government telling us what to do rather than the true Constitutional principle of government being fully accountable to a following the will of the people. We are tired of our founding Constitutional principles of limited government and no government intrusion in our freedoms and everyday lives being ignored and the Constitution itself being disregarded and the rule of law found within ignored and broken by an overbearing and abusive federal government.

We are tired of politicians who have forgotten that they work for us and only see the American people as an after thought to their lust for power and control of our money and the way that we choose to live our lives. If any of this is right wing extremism then so be it because it is the true essence of who we truly are as a people and what the Founders envisioned for freedom and liberty in America.

Had Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Paine, even Lincoln and Reagan been alive today they would have been standing with us on April 15. Standing for the Constitution and against excessive, obtrusive and ever expanding government. Standing against professional politicians who care little or not at all about the will of the people but drool with lust for power over those same people.

This is why the left is scared by what happened on April 15 and are attacking it as they are. This is why behind the scenes in those corners of Washington that never face a camera where hushed discussion takes place and real concern is expressed, those in the halls of Congress and the White House are watching this movement with great concern and anxiousness because they understand that the people are moving and that when we move the true power of this Nation is truly displayed and the elitist in Washington will be trampled in the onslaught.

This was not a one day event. But a true grassroots movement of and by the people that will continue to grow and whose numbers will continue to rise as more Americans come to realize as we have that ,”we the people,” is not just a poetic phrase in our Constitution but the real strength and essence of who we are as a Nation. That government must bow to the will of the people or face the consequences of angry Americans who are willing to fight for what we believe, stand for freedom and defend by our voice and our vote the Constitution of The United States especially when those who have taken an oath to defend the same have forsaken that sacred oath and trust.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com