Obama's Homeland Security Chief Considers Me A terrorist

In a report that was never supposed to seen by the public Janet Napalitono, the secretary of Homeland Security, read ate her own admission and signed off on a report declaring that members of the United States Military who return home from defending this country needed to be watched because the were vulnerable to becoming ,”right wing extremists,” who like Timothy McVeigh could become a terrorist.

The report went on to say the same about , “right wingers,” who stood in support of single issues like abortion or gun control AND Americans whose, “right wing,” views were in opposition to the government. So in that light Napalitono sees each of us who came out in opposition to the government at Wednesdays Tea Parties as possible homeland terrorists. Which puts me on the list and I suppose since I spoke at our gathering I am even more dangerous.

The insult and lame apology to the members of our military is the most alarming part of this ridiculous and bigoted report which is stereo typing soldiers in Napalitano’s belief that all members of the military are like McVeigh who was behind the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing.

He contention that people who support the Constitutional right to bear arms are dangerous and will use that right to create domestic terrorism is as asinine as her being appointed and confirmed as Homeland Security Secretary. Americans who tale a stance on single issues like abortion in her eyes are all potentially clinic bombers. Americans who exercise the right of Free Speech to protest out of control spending are dangerous and, “right wing extremists.”

In her simple and insane mind disagreeing with her boss and their liberal agenda makes a free American a danger and a terrorist. This is a Secretary who should never have been appointed and now that she issues a report targeting military personnel and free Americans who believe in free speech but disagree with her as terrorists, this Secretary should resign or better yet be booted out of office.

Are we looking at a repeat of Germany in the early 1930’s where dissent was considered a crime and embracing freedom an act considered making one an enemy of the State? What’s next concentration camps for , “right wingers ?” Janet Napalitano your apology in NOT accepted and it is you who are the danger to America, our freedoms and the liberty to stand for what we believe and make our voice heard in a free society.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com