Obama Not The Hero In The Pirate Saga

Captain Phillips is rescued. Three pirates are dead and another is in custody. Three Navy Seals expertly and flawlessly performed their duty in rescuing Phillips. Barack Obama as Commander in Chief authorized the use of force, “if Phillips was in danger.” So in liberal press accounts and commentary from liberal pundits who is the hero ? Barack Obama.

Giving credit where credit is due, Obama FINALLY made the right decision by authorizing force to end the situation, but his authorization was to long in coming and was a decision that he was legally bound to make because of the illegality of the hostage situation and the taking of an American citizen.

Granted it took 17 meetings and several days to make a decision that should have been made within a few hours of the arrival of the USS Bainbridge on the scene. If a quick and decisive decision authorizing force had been made in the first few hours the ,”crisis,” would have been a quick headline rather than the dominant news for nearly one week.

Most liberal pundits are giving little credit to the true heroes in the situation. Captain Phillips who selflessly surrendered himself as a hostage to protect his ship and crew. A man who obviously refused to cooperate with the pirates after his taking as evidenced by the two times he dove from the boat and tried to swim to safety. Succeeding the second time because of the quick actions of the Navy Seal snipers.

The second group of heroes are the Seals whose expert marksmanship succeeded in taking out the pirates and also the crew of the USS Bainbridge whose calm and steadfast diligence to duty created the moment when the rescue was accomplished.

The delay in making the actual decision and then only if those on sight saw that Phillips was in ,”danger,” created a media circus when quick action would have ended with similar results without making it look as if The United States was weak and could not take a stand against four armed gunman who happened to be pirates.

The opportunity to lead once again presented and continues to present itself to Barack Obama with the ongoing situation with the Somali pirates and the continued taking of ships along the African Coast. The opportunity to take out the ,”mother ship,” where the pirates launch their boats from was available along with the rescue of Phillips. That opportunity now has passed.

Ships will continue to be taken and lives endangered until someone is willing to lead. Other countries involved have only been willing to pay ransoms or allow their ships to remain hostage to these thugs. Obviously now that the US almost reluctantly because of the long hesitation in authorizing force by Obama, but none the less we did take a stand which now gives us the opportunity to lead and end the pirate threat.

But Obama seems to be more willing to use his momentary ,”hero,” status for making a necessary but delayed decision, as a means to continue to push his socialist agenda rather than using the rescue as the catalyst to leading the world and by force ending the pirate threat.

So again we come back to the nitty gritty of his decision. He was compelled to make it, though late in the game, by the legality of protecting an American citizen. And the poll numbers showed that the embarrassment of four machine gun laden thugs holding off the US Navy looked bad for his image.

To the liberal media Obama comes out looking like a hero. To his Washington cronies he provides a momentary reason to crow about the perceived strength of their new young President, who has now been, “tested,” with a, “crisis.” And he has a brief window of renewed political clout to parlay the incident into further passage of his agenda.

Meanwhile the Navy Seals and The USS Bainbridge continue to selflessly protect the seas for our Nation without fanfare. Captain Phillips returns home to the loving arms of his family who will always know that he is a hero. And the crew of the Maersk Alabama, who refused to surrender their ship return to their home port, heroes to their peers and admired by their families. While Obama takes the credit for a job well done by the real heroes.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com