Barack Obama Is The Shame, Not America

The first world tour of Barack Obama as President is finally coming to a close. A trip that saw a United States President surrender US sovereignty to European countries as he sought to create his New World Order. A trip that saw that same President tell countries who owe their very existence to the sacrifice of American and Americans that Obama chose to insult rather than express pride in our great land.

He called American and Americans arrogant. He in essence apologized to Europeans because we are strong and successful. He bowed before the alter of European socialism and embarrassed our people and our Nation. The liberal press and his blame America first administration played the spin game and claimed that this embarrassment was a success and that Obama continued his rock star status in Europe at the expense of the country.

Well Mr. Obama since you see fit to apologize to Europe, then let me give you some historical examples of American, “arrogance,” that made not only your trip but a free Europe possible.

Let’s look at the arrogance of Sargent Alvin York who single handily saved the lives of his fellow soldiers while capturing more than 130 enemy German soldiers who were firing on British soldiers that owed their life to the heroism of Sargent York.

Or the arrogance of the American Expeditionary Force whose entrance in WWI was the turning point that eventually brought an end to the seemingly never ending trench warfare that stretched throughout Europe providing victory and freedom to the countries that Obama now deems deserving of a Presidential apology.

Would France even exist if thousands of American had not shed their precious blood on the beaches of Normandy ? Apologize for that arrogance Mr. Obama. Would Italy be a free nation if not for the arrogance of American soldiers on the island of Sicily or Anzio driving Black Shirt Mussolini fascists and Nazis from the Italian boot. Apologize for that arrogance Mr. Obama.

Apologize for the nearly 3000 villages and towns that were arrogantly liberated by General George S. Patton’s Third Army as it raced across Europe defeating Nazism and greatly contributing to the eventual freedom of Europe from the oppression of Hitler’s Germany.

Apologize for the forty years of arrogant American protection to a Europe who shook in fear of Soviet expansionism and the oppressive boot of Soviet Communism that threatened the entire Continent for decades. Decades that saw only The United States standing between a free Europe and total Soviet domination. Apologize for that Mr. Obama.

Mr. Obama your apology and claims of American arrogance are an insult to every American soul whose blood was spent to make Europe free. Every cross or star that stands in constant watch over the graves of brave Americans who sacrificed their all to make Europe free scoff at your insulting apologies for American arrogance.

Every veteran who left the shores of America to fight for liberties cause in driving fascism out of Europe demands YOUR apology to them for the insult that you made to the bravery and heroism they displayed as they fought and died for freedom.

The truth is Mr. Obama is that the arrogance is not found in America or Americans but in your disgusting attempt to apologize for what needs no apology. Your arrogance in blaming America first and in using your arrogance sacrificing our sovereignty and national pride to impress your socialist friends and surround yourself with a self aggrandizing praise from those same friends. YOU are the shame Mr. Obama NOT America.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com