Obama E. Newman's, "What Me Worry," Appraoch To Foreign Affairs

As a young teenager I was an avid reader of , “Mad Magazine.” I always got a kick out of the ,”Spy vs Spy,” capers and the parody’s of movies. Alfred E. Newman’s face on the cover with his almost iconic slogan, “what me worry,” was always the quick notice that made Mad stand out on the news stand when I would head to the store for my monthly purchase.

Now we have another Alfred E. Newman making his way to the news stands, only this time his ,”what me worry,” attitude is not a joke or a funny line on a sarcastic magazine. This ,” what me worry,” Newman happens to be the President of The United States and his attitude spells danger and appeasement toward terrorism, Iran and North Korea.

With the launch of a multi stage missile by North Korea and the weak response by Obama we once again are reminded that this President is full of eloquent words with little or no action to back those words, except in the case of creating huge deficits and massive socialist spending.

Now don’t get me wrong, the response to North Korea through ignored sanctions and veiled threats has been weak for many years. But Obama’s response in high sounding fantasies of ridding the world of nuclear weapons which depends on trusting countries like Russia who have never been very trust worthy and have already threatened to rebuild their nuclear arsenal, is the epitome of weakness.

I am sure that Kim Jong il, if healthy enough to do so was shaking in his boots, but with laughter and not fear when Obama asked him not to launch a missile which was clearly on the launch pad for several days begging to be taken out before launch. The, “Dear Leader,” was scoffing at the world while the world just sat back a watched.

Obama wants to be a world leader and had a perfect opportunity to do so and chose rather to insult our own country before European Nations with embarrassing gifts, bows to the Saudi King and speeches that condemned The United States and begged Europe to be our friend. A Continent that has been at odds with our country since our birth. Even when fighting wars together Europe complained about how we were liberating them from Fascism.

So how does Obama think that falling down and verbally kissing their back side calling America arrogant is going to change nearly 300 years of history that has always had Europe complaining about what America does ? So Obama E. Newman says to the world, “what me worry.” After all he is popular with the Europeans and is best comrades with the Russian President, in pictures making child like gestures and laughing like all is well in Obamaland.

He laughs at the state of the economy calling it, “gallows humor,” gives the Queen a selection of Obama’s greatest hits on an iPod and walks around acting like a tourist, while his PR gang claims he saved the G20 meetings by suggesting that everyone do nothing and only acknowledge what is happening.

His Secretary of States is telling Mexico that we are the reason that they cannot control their internal security problems. She is also treating the soon to be nuclear Iran as the new best buddy inviting them to summit meetings on the future of Afghanistan. A War we are fighting to defeat the very Islamic fanaticism that drives Iranian leaders to support terrorism and terrorist regimes including themselves.

Newt Gingrich suggested several ways that The United States could have prevented the North Korean launch which would have finally put action behind words. Action ranging from electromagnetic pulses to other non-conventional means which are available to disable a missile launch without having to actually attack North Korea. Obama would not even respond with the capability of shooting down the missile as has been done past. The last launch failed on its own before Naval Vessels placed in Sea of Japan by President Bush had the opportunity to knock the missile down.

Obama’s response was wait and see and then talk about nuclear disarmament fantasies. On the terrorist front the words, “war on terror,” are no longer allowed. Terrorist are being considered for welfare programs after being released from GITMO. And Obama thinks that he can find a,
“moderate,” member of the Taliban to negotiate with. The difference between a moderate and a radical is that a radical slits your throat and moderates just hang you. The result is still the same. In fact the Taliban scoffed at the gesture, which again proves their true intent of murder and death.

Terrorism under Obama has once again become a crime rather than an act of war. Terrorists face indictments rather than elimination. Terrorist regimes like Iran are considered new found buddies rather than evil entities. Russia while warning of nuclear escalation is Obama’s new comrade. North Korea is just a small land to far for Obamasan to think about. And Obama looks at the world through his rose colored TelePrompter and says, “what me worry ?”

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com