The End Of A Free Republic And The Beginning Of Obamaland

The United States Of America as we have known it ceased to exist during an announcement made by the President of The United States. Barack Obama announced that essentially government was taking over two major companies who up until the announcement were publicly owned by stock holders and privately managed by a CEO and Board of Directors.

We have witnessed at the behest of Barack Obama and his elitist advisers the government take over of General Motors and Chrysler, two of the ,”Big 3, ” car manufacturers, both publicly held and privately managed but now controlled by the Obama administration.

Many of the liberal Kool Aid drinkers will try and spin this as protecting the American people and the tax money that has been given to the two companies which has not resulted in turning either company around. They will try to spin that Obama is doing nothing more than insuring that good money is not added to bad and that he is saving jobs by moving in on the automakers.

But the truth and the dangerous precedence that has taken place with this take over is the end of United States Capitalism and Free Market business and the beginning of total government control and the ability to seize any business if the President and his advisers decide that a particular business does not meet their standards or qualifications to operate.

The Kool Aid drinkers will further state that Obama did not take over GM and Chrysler because he stated that he was not interested in running either company. But the fact is that a President demanded the resignation of a CEO of a publicly held and privately run company. Demanded that another company would only continue to exist IF they accepted a merger offered by a foreign held company, namely Italian owned Fiat to merge with Chrysler.

Then stating to the American people that they need not worry about service or warranty issues because both were better now because they will be backed by ,”The United States of America.” This is not stepping in to help a company or save jobs but a deliberate take over of American business and a complete and total violation of the Constitution as well as the introduction of the nationalizing of business by Obama.

Nowhere in Article II of the Constitution does the President have the authority to fire a CEO of a private business. Nowhere in Article II of the Constitution does the President have the authority to back any of the business practices of private business yet he has backed warranty and service for GM and Chrysler.

Backing the warranties and firing and hiring CEO’s is not just assistance by a concerned President. This is a deliberate action to take over both companies. In fact Obama stated that the restructuring plans that the private management presented were not good enough so his advisers would now step in to assist with the restructuring plans. In other words the Obama administration will now dictate to GM and Chrysler how they will operate and the direction for the future of the companies. This is not assisting troubled companies but nationalizing.

In a free market society if a business is experiencing trouble they have options short of closing down to restructure and rebuild. One of those is through bankruptcy reorganization which is what should have happened with GM and Chrysler last year rather than bailout money. Now Obama has moved in and taken over the companies and even if allowed to file for bankruptcy the Obama administration will control the reorganization and the reemergence from bankruptcy.

Additionally not once during the take over announcement did Obama place any of the blame for the demise of GM and Chrysler on the two most guilty culprits. The over regulation imposed by the government and the UAW whose demands have been the driving force behind the failure of the American auto industry. And as the companies have fallen the UAW refused to make concessions to assist the struggling companies.

But with the government under Obama now running GM and Chrysler the UAW need not worry because the American tax payer will now foot the bill for the blood letting that will continue by the labor union.

Now Obama heads to Europe with the destruction of Capitalism coup under his belt to receive the praise of European Socialists who still drool over the American messiah. Through all of this madness the Russians have presented the only ray of sanity as it was announced on the same day as the take over of the automakers, that Russia will propose at the G20 meeting that all world currencies be placed back on the Gold Standard.

Amazing a former Communist Nation is proposing Capitalistic economic solutions while the President of the strongest Capitalist, (until now), Nation is moving to Socialism, the nationalizing of business and spreading the wealth in a manner that Vladimir Lenin would approve. Welcome to Obamaland.

Ken Taylor  http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com