Barack Obama Could Care Less About You Or The Economy

The old adage, “action speaks louder than words,” has never been more appropriate than it is now when applying it to Barack Obama and his agenda of, “change,” which in reality is taking our Nation toward total bankruptcy. He continually tells the American people during talk show visits, orchestrated press conferences, and policy or legislative announcements that without his agenda America will never recover from the current economic turmoil.

Yet the truth is that recovery from our economic problems and real concern about the well being of Americans is the last thing on Obama’s mind. Long before the economic woes that we are facing began showing their ugly head, Barack Obama was promising in campaign stop after campaign stop a massive social spending agenda that promised to balloon government to an unprecedented size, while spending more than any time in our history, and that is what he has done since taking office.

He has used that guise of concern over the economy and the well being of the American people and the large amount of jobs lost as a deception and cover for an agenda planned long before he took office. Using every scare tactic available, every exaggerated statistic and every means at his disposal to push through the largest transfer of power to the Federal Government in our history. And he is just beginning.

Any economist with any sense agrees that the worst thing that can be done in a recession is to borrow and spend, creating huge deficits at a time when an economy is experiencing constant negative growth. Yet Obama continues down this path without pause and using the fear in our economic situation as a tool to force through his take over of American business and the American way of life.

I heard a very disturbing statistic which if allowed to happen would mean the end of American Capitalism and the full implementation of American Socialism created by and in the image of Barack Obama. At his current rate of spending and expanding of government the debt accumulated by Obama will become 45% of the United States GDP in the next fiscal year. Which means that 45 cents of every dollar produced by the labor of American workers will be obligated by the current Administration in debt to an ever expanding government.

The true agenda of Obama and the only real concern that he has is to create an American Socialism conceived by Democrats and created to give the government under their control domination over our economy and our lives.

Norman Thomas a Socialist Presidential Candidate in the 1940’s once stated, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day, America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” Barack Obama is out to prove this statement true and make it a reality for America.

When asked by Congresswoman Michelle Bachman ( R MN), where the Treasury Department finds Constitutional authority to seize or control private business in America, tax evading Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner speaking as a member of Obama socialist administration, evaded the question and tried to come up with any conceivable avenue of authority from the Congress to the committee he was facing knowing that he could not provide a truthful answer about Constitutional authority to Bachman because there is no authority found for government take over of business.

But consider that this is an administration whose boss, Barack Obama, believes that the Constitution is only a, “series of negative liberties, ” that tells what the government cannot do but not what the government , ” must do, ” on behalf of the people. He considers this a flaw in the Constitution and his responsibility to correct it by making government the authority over Americans.

The reality of the Constitution is that the Founders never intended for government to be the authority and provider for the Nation and as such limiting the power of government and stating what it cannot do allowing for the American people through freedom from government to do for themselves. “Providing for the common welfare,” means allowing a free atmosphere in this Nation to allow each citizen to prosper without government encumbrances or intervention. Not making government the welfare provider.

Obama’s agenda has violated much of the Constitution through his massive power grab but especially the Tenth Amendment which states, ” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The Seven Articles of the Constitution state specifically the power and authority of the government and the Tenth Amendment passes all other authority to the States and the people.

Obama has and is continually over stepping these Constitutional boundaries in violation of the law and principles of our land. But this matters little to him because in actuality he does not believe in the Constitution and he and and his Democrat cronies see it only as a grand historical document which was fine in its day but does not apply today, especially if it is counter to their socialist agenda.

I have always admired and studied our Founders and been extremely thankful for the sacrifices that each made to give birth to the Nation that I love. They created through the power of law and Constitutional principles a Nation, if allowed to truly follow those principles, where everyone is free to his/her own pursuits and prosperity without fear of an over powerful and encompassing government standing in the way of freedom and prosperity.

Yet in that admiration, while understanding the anger and frustration that drove our Forefathers to bring Revolution and fight the government oppression being forced upon them by the British Crown, I never truly identified with their plight until now. The anger and frustration that I feel as Obama creates program after program, borrowing and spending our country into bankruptcy brings that identifiction with our Founders. Expanding government to the point that it is quickly becoming impossible to define where the government ends and the freedom of the people begins. Forcing an agenda which truly has no concern for the people but only the passage of a preconceived socialism whose goal is expansion and take over and not economic revival as stated.

I now can identify fully with the spirit of Revolution that our Founders faced and the need to stand and fight for the freedom threatened by an oppressive government. We may not have a Revolution by violent force as our forefathers, but if we want our country to remain free and each of us as Americans to have the ability to provide and prosper without government mandates or intervention, forcing dependency on the government whether we want it or not, then we must stand as one voice and make that voice heard until it cannot be ignored.

We cannot wait for a voter revolution in 2010 to remove liberals and RINOS, because by then it may be to late and the government to expansive to reverse the damage and return to Constitutional principles of limited government and individual prosperity. Obama is poll driven and has proved that by his recent tour using any means available to get before the American people as his numbers began tanking. We can drive those numbers down and force both he and the Congress to listen if we stand as one and fight this take over and demand that the march to socialism stop and that Obama return this land to her rightful owners, the people of The United States of America.

Ken Taylor  http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com