Barack Obama And Liberal Cronies, What Are You Doing To My Country !

Never in my lifetime nor the lifetime of my son or future grandchildren could I in my wildest nightmare imagine that a President of The United States along with Congressional morons create the insane havoc that this President and his accomplices on Capitol Hill are making.

Using a self righteous anger to hide the truth of the total incompetence the President, his Treasury Secretary and a certain Connecticut Senator whose only attribute is that he can lie with a straight face and then defend it, join with an equally incompetent House Speaker and Congressional members to pass legislation that taxes 90 – 100 % of an individuals income.

Now like you I am angered about the $165 million dollars in bonuses that were issued by AIG with tax payer money. Money frankly that should have NEVER been given to a failing company in the first place rewarding failure with big bucks. But now in a move that can only be called one of the most asinine and dangerous in our history, the House passes legislation to tax the bonuses at 90 – 100% which opens the door for this same Congress to in like manner tax ANYONE whose income is not pleasing to these self righteous jack asses who claim to represent the people.

As this debacle continued to develop, it became clear that not only did the jack ass who could not pay his taxes and was STILL confirmed as Treasury Secretary know about this long before it happened but that he also instructed Chris Dodd to include an amendment in the, “stimulus bill,” to ALLOW these bonuses, after both spent the first of the week acting like they had no idea how it happened.

Then the President in like manner acts like he is angered when he was the person who signed the bill into law with the bonus amendment and NEVER even tried to READ WHAT HE SIGNED! Does anyone in Washington have a brain or at least the most remote amount of intelligence ? This administration and the leaders in Congress are all acting like a bunch of spoiled children who haven’t had their diapers changed and the rash is chafing their royal butts.

So what does the President do ? He hits the ESPN circuit making asinine predictions about the brackets for the NCAA tournament. Then jumps on Air Force One and heads to LA to make an appearance on the Leno Show acting like an innocent bystander who is just as enraged as ,”we the people.”

Well I have news for you Mr. Obama , you are the President and the responsible party for the total circus that you have created in Washington and running to Leno and basketball does not change that. When a top official in London cannot get an answer on the phone at the Treasury Department because no one has been appointed and the Treasury Secretary is as lost as his boss in the White House, it is an embarrassment for our Nation and emboldens our enemies because they see just how weak Obama is making our country.

Then to top it all off the Speaker of the House stands before a group of illegal aliens and calls them patriots and the raids to make these illegals adhere to the law un – American prompting the secretary of Homeland Security to stop the raids completely showing the world that no one in Washington has a clue.

We haven’t even made it through the first 100 days and already the entire administration is collapsing and the Congress is run rampant with power hungry idiots who think that the people of The United States must bow and thank then for saving their money. Money that these same idiots have stolen from us to give away at record levels with no end in sight!

Barack Obama what have you and your cronies done to my country ? You have spit on the Constitution, bankrupted our coffers, weakened our Nation and emboldening our enemies. Mr. Obama your trip to Leno is no different than Nero playing the violin while Rome burned. You are a joke and your administration along with the leadership in Congress are hell bent on destroying my country and ,” we the people,” are mad and will not allow you to continue. If we must fight you every second we will. And we have the law and the Constitution on our side because this is still our country !

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com

NOTE: The tax legislation passed by the House is un-Constitutional, violating Article I, Section 9, Clause 3 preventing Congress from passing a Bill of Attainder which Constitutionally outlaws an act of legislation declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them without the benefit of a trial. While morally wrong the AIG bonuses were legal especially since they were approved by amendment in the stimulus bill.