Obama Policy Starting A Long Overdue Rebellion

“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” Thomas Jefferson to James Madison

When our Founders gathered in Philadelphia in 1776 declaring Independence and then again in 1787 to establish the Constitution there were two basic premises that were created for The United States that had not existed before in any country and to this day still exist only in our beloved land.

The premise that all men have the right as endowed by our Creator to be free and that true freedom in ones country comes through the necessity that government is answerable and under the direct power and will of a free people. A free people who by the will of the people establish and decide what direction and how this free nation is governed.

I have stated in previous postings that the first three words of our Constitution, “We the people,” were not placed in this most precious of documents by James Madison because they had a profound poetic nature but because found in those three words is the very foundational principle in which this country was created and the very principle that has governed and kept our nation strong and free throughout our history.

We have been blessed with the greatest leaders that the world has ever known. From Washington to Lincoln to Reagan, The United States has had the greatest men and women in world history working for and leading this land of the free. But their greatness did not just come from personal attributes alone. Much of their greatness and the reasons that history considers them great is found in the fact that they were part of a nation whose, “grand experiment,” of freedom has stood the test of time and still stands today as it has though history as a beacon of free men and women whose destiny comes by the will of a free people.

Yet this premise of freedom by the will of the people that found its birth through the hardship of Revolution and the will of free men establishing it into law by our Constitution has been slowly whittled away over the years until we find our self today at the crossroads of the possible end of a free Republic of, by, and for the people and the establishment of a government empowered society whose citizenry are slaves to an all powerful government though dependency on that same government.

This move away from a free Republic by the will of the people as established by our Constitution has not happened overnight nor just by the extreme actions taken in the last weeks by the current administration. It has been deteriorating over the course of years as government has grown and through that growth much of the power of a free people has given way to an ever growing and more encompassing government bureaucracy that is stealing the power and will of the people and establishing a monster through government whose power and influence on our rights and will is changing the premise of rule by the free will of the people into government rule through intervention in all aspects of American life.

So much so that, through a continual dumbing down process a large number of Americans, dare I say maybe even a majority do not understand what the true premise of freedom by the strong will of a free people actually is and many believe that they can only find, “freedom,” when government provides the answer or the means to live and work in our country. Many simply do not know that government and those within it answer to us and not we to them.

The United States has not given up true freedom because leaders have actually taken it away from us but rather because the people have by their own lack of understanding of where our freedom comes from and in whom the power of our nation truly lies have allowed it to gradually transfer from the will and strength of free Americans to an all encompassing and over burdensome government.

Like many of you I found myself terribly disappointed by the election of Barack Obama for several reasons and none of them had to do with his ethnicity. In fact his ethnicity is about the only reason that I , as an American, am grateful for his being President because it proves that we have overcome a great injustice that has haunted this nation for most of our history and that all people regardless of ethnicity, parentage or background can achieve, even the highest office on this land.

My disappointment is found in the policy of Obama and the direction that his policy is promised to and since taking office has already begun to take this nation. A direction that is contrary to our Constitution and the foundational principles of freedom from government and strength through the will of the people.

But I am discovering that the very policy that I deem as socialistic in nature in which I have been greatly disappointed and aggravated, which is escalating a trend in the direction of this country that has been taking place for years, may very well become the catalyst that will finally bring about a new American Revolution which may return our nation to a Republic governed only by the true will of the people through free Constitutional principles.

There is cropping up in this country from the grassroots a movement that is disgusted with government and this take over of power that has been continued and escalated by Obama policy which is taking the shape of a Revolution. Not by force or the might of weaponry and armies but by the will of the people realizing finally that this is our country and we are no longer going to stand for leaders and government to dictate to us who we are and how we live in our freedom.

Glenn Beck, a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host has begun the, “912 project.” A movement that is gaining momentum so rapidly that the website cannot match demand. A movement whose numbers are already in the millions. We are witnessing ,”tea parties, ” taking place as a result of comments made weeks ago by a very aggravated reporter who expressed his disgust at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by calling for today’s equivalent of the Boston Tea Party and without creating an actual organization disgusted Americans are holding Tea Parties all over the nation.

In fact an Internet e-mail movement is catching on by storm in which a Tea Party will be held in July where aggravated Americans will mail, (yes we still have a Postal Service), a tea bag to Obama, our District House Representative and both Senators protesting the massive government spending and influence in our lives. Can you imagine the impact that millions of tea bags showing up at the White House and on Capital Hill sent my millions of mad American demanding that we take our country back can have in expressing our anger ?

This is Revolution my friends and Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and the rest of our Founding Fathers would not only approve but were they alive today be among those participating in this movement to return America to the people. This Revolution is long overdue and is necessary to prove to Obama and those in Washington that we are tired of government. We are tired of the deterioration of our freedoms.

That we believe that the Constitution is law and that law comes from and belongs to, “We the people,” and NOT the government. A Revolution through the strength and will of a free people who will no longer bow to government. Who like our Founders understand that true freedom comes from our Creator and is ONLY found through a free people who are governed by the will and consent of the people.

A free people who demand that government answer to us and that the leaders have no right nor authority to dictate to us or demand from us anything unless we specifically allow them the authority and then ONLY if it is within the law and Constitutional principles of freedom from a free people.

My fellow Americans, the Revolution has started and it is time that ,”We the people,” take back our country. Time that,” We the people,” demand that those we have hired to work in Washington or state and local governments stop demanding of us and start listening to us. This is who we are as a country and what we believe as Americans. It is why we were founded and the foundation in which this nation has grown upon and the very premise in which America has found her greatness. Stand up Americans and breath the freedom of Revolution and let us together take back this land that we all love !

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com