Fear Tactics That Never End Courtesy Of Barack Obama

If Ronald Reagan were still alive today I believe we would here his famous line from the Carter debate when then candidate Reagan in highlighting Carter’s exaggerations looked at Carter and said, “there you go again.” Only this time the witty remark would be directed toward Barack Obama.

“There he goes again.” Using fear and exaggerated figures to scare Americans into buying into his agenda and and no one in the media calls him on it to his face. During remarks made at the start of his, Health Care Conference, Obama stated without blinking an eye that due to health care costs someone in The United States goes bankrupt every 30 seconds.

A fellow blogger at Judging Truth ran the numbers on this fear tactic by the ever fear mongering Barack Obama. With one health care related bankruptcy, according to the messiah, every 30 seconds the total would be 1, 051, 200 per year. The total number of bankruptcies in 2008 were 1, 086, 130. Which equates to 98. 8 % of all US bankruptcies, according to Obama’s figures, being caused by health care related expenses.

The actual percentage of bankruptcies that were related to health care expenses was actually around 5%, which totals roughly 54, 300 filings. Breaking it down further this number equals to 0.026th of a bankruptcy every 30 seconds. A far cry from the figures given by the great fear mongerer.

But why should pushing his health care dollars be any different from the trillions of new and excessive spending that he has already pushed through. In every case he has a sob story or a catastrophe story, or a story with twisted and/or extremely exaggerated figures designed to scare the living daylights out of everyone. Then he uses this fear to get his way and spend, spend , spend.

At a time when one of the primary duties of any President is to promote confidence and quell fear so that Americans and especially all segments of the economy can get a little boost, Obama is using fear tactics and Armageddon scenarios to make his case. The result is no confidence in the economy nor his agenda, (not that the agenda promotes any confidence), and every financial entity is afraid to make any type of move because the President has warned of catastrophic results if his ideas are not quickly implemented.

Even his mentor Franklin Roosevelt once stated that, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Obama believes that the more fear he creates the better he can get his way and his agenda without much opposition. At every opportunity he uses fear. Nearly every sound bite taken from Obama’s speeches or statements contain fear scenarios or speak of catastrophe.

And of course only he has the solution and anyone who disagrees with that solution is not a patriot or anti-American or wanting the country to fail. Disagreeing with a President DOES NOT mean that we want the country to fail, it means that we do not believe that WHAT that President is doing is good for the country.

When the Founders included Freedom of Speech in the Bill of Rights their true intent was not to allow disgusting displays that are claimed to be art. But rather the freedom to dissent with our government without fear of recrimination. To disagree with any aspect of government including those elected without fear of arrest or being placed on a watch list.

Creating fear is not and will not promote an atmosphere for recovery. Creating fear cannot turn a bad situation into a better one. Creating fear succeeds in only adding to adversity. Promoting quick and unstudied reactions or , “solutions.” Creating fear grows the problem and never eases any situation. Creating fear causes panic. Which is precisely why I believe that Obama creates fear. Keeping a panic mode that forces acceptance of his American take over and socialist agenda.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com