The Tide Against Obama

I heard a joke the other day that goes like this. ” Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid were riding together in one car. They soon crossed a bridge over a rain swollen river. A flash flood hit, washing the bridge and the car over a waterfall. Who survived ? ” The answer and punchline to the joke is, “America.”

After laughing and re-telling the story to several friends, I started think about the the premise of the story and some of the more underlying meanings it has. Well the meanings it has to me. Just like the flash flood which swept the car away in the story there is a tide beginning to turn against the irresponsible and socialist agenda of Barack Obama.

Right now it is small and not well publicized because of the massive media appeal of the messiah but it is there none the less and whether the left and the media want to believe it or not it is growing even at this early stage of the Obama reign. So I ask this question, are we witnessing a form of a new revolution against tyranny in America ?

Let me produce some of the evidence as I see it. Barack Obama has increased spending by billions every day that he has been in office and promises that this is just the beginning. He is using borrowed, printed and taxed money to fund the most massive transfer of power to the federal government in the history of the country.

In the process he is accusing the achievers who have experienced prosperity of making to much at the expense of those who have made less. In fact he believes that it is his responsibility to lecture those who have had this success and decide how they should use that success. Namely turning it over to the federal government so that Obama can distribute it as he sees fit.

I have wondered during this lecture that Obama has made to the prosperous as to whether he has lectured his wife as much as he has everyone else. After all it was reported that before becoming First Lady she was making over $300 thousand dollars a year and according to Obama that is at least $50 thousand more than his minimum level of , “rich.”

I need to first explain further who I am referring to as achievers. I am not making reference to Wall Street tycoons who have made billions. While that type of achievement is possible and good in a Capitalistic society, at the moment they are under the gun because of the greed that has been apparent as they took advantage of stupid government mandates to finance unqualified individuals to finance a home they could not afford. That stupidity on the part of the purchaser, the financier and the government is what began this down turn in the first place which has affected the entire economy.

No, the achiever who I am referring to is the entrepreneur, or the average Joe who has worked hard and been successful enough to provide a somewhat comfortable living for their family and because they make more than $250 thousand dollars Obama considers them rich and as such deserving of greater taxation to punish them for their achievement.

Using fear tactics and doom and gloom scenarios, Obama has managed to paint these successful Americans as evil and has used them as the example of why those who have achieved less or not at all cannot make it through the rough times. He has successfully used this fear mongering to pass the first of his massive government transfer bills that has been falsely called a , “stimulus,” for the economy. It is actually nothing more than a liberal wish list of spending that promises little if any stimulus and massive socialist spending.

Adding to Obama’s lectures is his victimising of our troops during his recent trip to Camp Lejeune, NC to announce his withdrawal plan for Iraq. Not once did he admit that our brave men and women through tireless dedication to the cause of liberty achieved victory in defeating an enemy. Not once did he acknowledge that these warriors who defended our freedoms through their sacrifice won a decisive war against and evil and murderous foe saving both the Iraqis and America from the domination desired by the enemy.

Instead he painted them as victims who have been forced away from home to long rather than dedicated volunteers who chose to stand and fight when called to duty and would gladly do it again if needed. This victimization coming from their Commander in Chief whose duty it is to uplift the military and not victimize fallen and surviving heroes.

The socialization of our economy, the victimizing of our heroes and the forced acceptance of a fundamental socialtal change that is contrary to our Constitution and the way of life that we have been accustomed to in our land is causing a ground swell, a tide if you will, of opposition to this tyrannical take over of our land by Obama and his Democrat partnership with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The tide is small and not well known yet. We have seen evidence of it recently through the rant by Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange calling for a new ,”Boston Tea Party, ” which spurred many such tea parties across the Nation. We are witnessing the tide in the opposition through commentary and discussion at all levels of communication from Internet blogging to the most famous talking heads like Bill O’Reilly and Hannity.

The discussion of opposition is taking place in the break rooms at work, the kitchen tables at home, and conversations between friends who know that this power move by Obama and company is contrary to the very principles that have sustained this country since its beginning.

Can this tide turn the power move by Obama and prevent it from its full completion, which is the total socialization of America ? Only time will tell. But do not be discouraged as we fight this oppression that is being forced upon us by an ever expanding government.

Remember in our first Revolution that the fledgling Continental Army was forced out of New York and fled to New Jersey with dwindling numbers. Then came the victory at Trenton allowing the Revolution to survive to fight another day. Had George Washington given up despite all of the odds against him our Nation would have never been.

We will have small victories as the tide turns against Obama. His massive media appeal and persuasive personality right now may seem an insurmountable obstacle to over come. But look at what is happening. When have we seen true protest against a new President this early in his term ? When have we seen poll numbers of one deemed so popular drop as significantly so quickly when the, “honeymoon, ” is supposedly still on ?

Obama’s star is fading as Americans are beginning to see the direction he is planning for this country and our freedom loving spirit does not like what we see. The minions who praise him are dwindling slowly and surely and when this massive government shift that he has begun does not produce what he has promised, we will have our Trenton and those who are willing to stand against his take over will become the news rather than the sidebar.

So don’t’ give up the fight. Don’t allow discouragement to over shadow the prize of keeping America free and strong. Regardless of how Obama tries to change who and what we are, we still have a Constitution that has stood the test of time and the fundamentals of our Nation can and will over come any take over by a leader or a party.

We the people will always prevail in this land. While our opposition for the moment may be a far cry in the wilderness, Americans love freedom and independence from tyrannical government enough that the cry in the wilderness will one day become a massive voice shouting from the roof tops proclaiming that this is our country and it is we who tell the government what to do and NOT those who we hire, even a President telling us how to live. They serve us and we the people will prevail because we are still the voice that will decide the destiny of our nation. Never give up, and never give in !

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com