Obama Sets Out His Plan - "We," Means Government

Government, government and more government. In an address before a joint session of Congress, Obama spelled out his plan for his first year in office. While not a true State of the Union Address since Obama has only been in office a little over one month, as with all new Presidents he used the opportunity to present the laundry list for a new administration.

Throughout the address Obama used the word, “we,” which is defined simply as government. His entire plan for America depends completely on total government involvement to solve problems, meet needs and boost the sagging economy. Increased spending above and beyond the recently passed 787 billion dollar spending package permeated throughout his address.

In fact he stated that the massive package was just the beginning of the spending he planned for this country. Another theme that drifted throughout the speech was ,”universal.” Universal Health Care, Universal Education and Universal Welfare in the form of bailouts for nearly every sector of the economy.

According to Obama the only way to solve any problem is to spend our way out of it through borrowed money at tax payer expense. Nowhere was found any incentive for business and investment through the private sector or incentive for Americans to better themselves thought individual action. The only action Obama spoke of was either government action or government working with Americans. In other words, ” the government will do it for you.”

Obama mentioned the deficit he inherited, which was approximately 500 billion dollars. Since taking office he has increased that to over 1.5 trillion and climbing. In fact Obama has increased spending by 36 billion dollars a day since January 20. Then claims in the speech that he will cut the deficit in half by the end of his term. While not once mentioning cutting any programs he is creating.

Oh he talked about ,”wasteful,” spending in the budget and how they were attempting to identify it, but no specifics about cuts just more spending. This can only mean that to decrease the deficit without significant cuts means raising taxes. He mentioned without specifically calling them the ,”Bush tax cuts,” the rolling back of these taxes and claiming that it will only effect the upper 2% of income earners.

Bush cut tax rates across the board at all income levels. To eliminate these cuts would in actuality increase taxes for every wage earner in America as payroll tax rates would increase to the level they were before the Bush rate cut. Also Obama in speaking of increasing taxes said that he would only raise taxes on those making over 250 thousand dollars.

Again this is a false statement if he fully intends to cut the deficit without cutting spending, and in fact increasing spending. The figures do not and cannot match. If he only raises taxes to the upper 2% the increase will never match the purported decrease to cut any deficit. So if he truly plans on using tax increases to cut his ballooning deficit then it will not be long and it does not take a master mathematician to realize that the tax increases will continue down the line until they affect everyone.

Socialism at it worst was the true theme of Obama’s address. Increased government involvement in all aspects of American life, government spending at unprecedented levels and all at tax payer expense to provide the funding to pay for Obama’s agenda.

The comparisons to FDR abound throughout the media. Comparing Obama’s message to the New Deal and FDR’s spending to supposedly end the great Depression. Spending which now from a historical view has proven to have only prolonged the recovery. Had it not been for WWII the Depression would have continued even longer.

In like manner Obama is not presenting a plan for recovery but a massive spending and expansion of government that dwarfs FDR. When fully implemented it to will have similar results to the failures of the New Deal. Increased government with no real affect except creating dependency which never ends.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com