The Barack Obama Lie That Just Keeps On Giving

This Tuesday marks four weeks since Barack Obama took the oath of office for the Presidency. I have talked to several people who like me feel like it has been much longer but alas it has only been four weeks into a four year term. During this relatively short tenure Obama has taken many drastic measures.

From the orders to close Gitmo and drop the charges of the admitted planner of the USS Cole bombing and having to replace flawed and failed nominees to using his clout as President to pass that massive socialist stimulus bill that is now waiting his signature. He has also been caught breaking many promises and in several lies.

Breaking a campaign promise is not unusual for a President since many of those promises are made from the urgency to get votes and also from a stand point of not seeing either intelligence or other information that is not available to a candidate running for President but once taking office this privileged information changes many circumstances promised during a campaign.

Obama though made promises that had little to do with this information and broke the promise for political expediency. The appointment of two lobbyists to powerful posts after promising it would never happen and then stating that it did not matter with the two because they were needed in those posts is a weak defense at best. Also his move on the first day concerning transparency and ethics that has not applied to anything he has done are both obvious lies to the American people in which Obama has received a pass for the most part.

There have been several extremely questionable moves that also have Constitutional ramifications not the least of which is the politicizing of the 2010 Census by moving it from the oversight of the Commerce Department to the White House in order to have tighter control over the taking of the Census and also possible using estimates rather than exact counting which is a direct violation of the Constitution.

But there is one lie that is very much related to the Constitution that Obama has made that as the title of this post states is the ,”lie that keeps on giving.” Every President in our history has taken the same Oath of Office as he entered the Presidency. It is written verbatim in the Constitution and since James Madison included it as part of Article II which outlines the Executive Branch all of our leaders have under oath promised to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

That oath is sacred and does not leave room for interpretation. Preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution as it is written adhering to its timeless and steadfast principles. Many President’s have through certain actions while in office broken that oath at one time or another. But Obama through his agenda and the way in which he is already implementing it never truly planned to keep that oath from day one.

Oh he believes that the actions he is taking and the agenda he is using is Constitutional and as such in keeping with his oath. But in actuality is it and does Obama really believe in the Constitution ? If not then was his Oath of Office actually a lie that will be repeated throughout his Presidency ?

To answer this I am going to step back a few years and quote from an interview that Obama gave to the local Chicago NPR which broached the question of redistribution of wealth, a topic that was introduced during the campaign and the now infamous, “Joe the Plumber,” incident but never truly vetted by the media as they chose rather to augment their love affair with Obama rather than question who he was and what he believed.

In this interview two very distinct Constitutional beliefs are revealed about Obama and are already showing up in his Presidency. When asked what he thought the failure of the Civil Rights movement of the sixties was he stated that the Supreme Court in it rulings failed to address redistribution of wealth because the court, “didn’t break free from the ESSENTIAL CONSTRAINTS that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.”

He went on to state that the Constitution is flawed because, “the Constitution is a document of negative liberties [that] says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you but it doesn’t say what the federal government or state government MUST DO ON YOUR BEHALF.”

These two statements by Obama outlined in 2005 are unfortunately the basis of his governing principles and his idea of what as President he believes is his responsibility. A responsibility that he sees as changing the fundamentals of a flawed Constitution rather than truly preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution as it is written.

This is precisely why Obama poses such a danger to our Nation as President. While campaigning his belief that the Constitution was flawed meant nothing but now after taking the Oath of Office, that belief in a flawed Constitution becomes policy and actions that threaten the very fabric of our society and the sound Constitutional principles that have made our Nation great and envied by the rest of the world because those principles provide freedom and liberties that are found ONLY in The United States.

Obama does not believe that the Courts should act in accordance to the Constitution but should rule according to the whims of the time and the ,”needs,” of the moment rather than those principles instilled by our Founders. He believes that governments responsibility is to provide for the people rather than serve at the will of the people, thus his idea that the Constitution is a series of, “negative liberties, ” which do not state what the government, “must do.”

Our Founders believed that government was not the solution or the fix and that the people should have the right and ability to achieve without government intervention. When this Nation was founded we fought a Revolution to escape the tyranny of European Socialism as governed by the British Monarchy and Parliament and as such when the Founders framed the laws of this land in the Constitution they declared the limited powers of the government as allowed by the people which prevent the tyrannical involvement of the government in the rights of each citizen breaking free from the Socialistic practices that had been forced on the Colonies by the British.

Either Obama is ignorant as to what the Constitution actually means or he does not believe in it. It is obvious that Obama is an intelligent man. That is why I truly believe that he just does not believe in the Constitution which constitutes a lie in his oath. If he does not believe in the Constitution as written then how can he truly protect it as President.

The Framers intentionally left out Constitutional provisions for government involvement in the lives of the people, or as Obama put it what the,” government must do on your behalf.” Yet Obama’s very actions since taking office and especially in the pork filled socialist stimulus bill are intended to move government directly into the lives of Americans and as such force what he believes is the correction of the flaw in the Constitution providing what ,”government must do,” on our behalf.

This does not preserve or protect the Constitution but rather stamps on the very principle of individual responsibility and the freedom or personal achievement without government constraints or intervention which is a corner stone of our Nation and the basis of freedom in our country.

When the Constitution speaks of ,”promoting the common welfare, ” it means that an atmosphere of freedom defined within the Constitution is available so that the well being of all Americans is protected by law enabling everyone to have the same opportunity of success and achievement.

Obama believes that promoting the common welfare means the government must provide the means for Americans to survive thus gaining governmental control over our lives and our prosperity providing everyone with like income and like means of living. In other words communistic Socialism. Or as Karl Marx put it, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

This philosophy which Obama embraces is not Constitutional nor does it fulfill his oath to preserve that same Constitution. But rather if he continues on the path he has already started, he will not only change the fabric of our society but the Constitutional principles that have sustained this Nation for more than 200 years will become just high sounding words in a document held in a museum.

Ken Taylor  http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com