Barack Obama, In Way Over His Head And It Shows

During the 2008 Presidential campaign there were considerable questions concerning the lack of experience of Barack Obama. After all he was only three years into his only term as a United States Senator and had spent most of that time campaigning for the Presidency. His State legislature career was also rather short and very uneventful.

Experience was not his forte’ and many tried to warn the American people about this potential problem, but the press all but worshipped him and a large number of voters backed him only because he looked and sounded good never listening to what he said nor questioning whether inexperience could handle the largest and toughest job in the world.

Now he holds that job and the inexperience that was brushed over during the campaign is a painful reality that shows more with each passing day. He was praised for a, “smooth,” transition. When in reality was smooth more because of the out going Bush administration than the incoming Obama administration. Problems began showing their face throughout the transition, mistake being made by Obama and his staffers but the press was so caught up in their messiah worship that they, as in the campaign, brushed over the problems.

Now even the press is starting to catch on that the inexperience that was brushed over before is becoming a major problem in the administrative abilities of Barack Obama and a dangerous problem now that he is President of the United States where every blunder has major ramifications for this Nation and the world.

His Cabinet picks which were touted as the best ever during the transition are showing the lack of experience in selecting nominees as tax problems, ethical problems and major conflicts of interest problems have plagued nearly every nomination. The only reason that most have been confirmed, including Hillary Clinton is that Democrats have an almost unstoppable majority in the Senate.

His first days in office were riddled with Executive Orders like a kid in a candy shop setting an ethical bar that anyone with even a slight amount of experience would have known would cause problems because of who Obama hired for his administration. Obviously he never looked at the back ground nor the status of any of his appointees or his transparency and ethical orders made on that first day would never have been issued proving to be an embarrassment and a lie to the American people.

His orders to close Gitmo and reverse the ban on government funded abortions over seas have little or no backing by the American people and any seasoned politician will tell you that making unpopular moves even before the dust settles is a bad start especially when it angers most Americans and threatens, by Obama’s own admission in an NBC interview, the Nations security as closing Gitmo does.

The , “stimulus,” package proposed, defended and fought for by Obama is proving that not only is his inexperience causing a back lash within the Congress but with each passing day as more is revealed about this huge spending package, the American people are growing angrier and troubled by an administration that is blind to the reality of the problem and possible solutions.

Obama hits the airways with the same rhetoric every day about how necessary this package is and his press Secretary speaking on his behalf looks like a buffoon who stumbles over every question and never gives any resemblance of a straight answer.

Obama daily calls different people to The White House to ask their opinion and in the process it becomes more and more obvious he does not know what he is doing nor how to get out of the hole he has quickly dug for his Presidency.

Our enemies are seeing this inexperience and translating it into weakness. A weakness that they will soon begin taking advantage of in ways that may very well be devastating to the country and her citizens. Obama is so clouded and lost in trying to gain any control over the stimulus debacle that he cannot respond and frankly does not seem to know what is happening outside of the confines of The White House both here and abroad.

After whining from day one about the, “failures,” of the Bush administration concerning Hurricane Katrina, Obama faces a disaster in Kentucky and Arkansas that has claimed dozens of lives. A disaster that he seems completely oblivious to. No disaster declaration, no FEMA and not even an acknowledgment from the President that Americans are dying every day from exposure to extreme icing and cold.

Barack Obama is in way over his head and the dangerous fact that accompanies this problem is that he holds the largest and toughest job in the world which demands sound judgement, hard decisions, total focus and a strength of character that few possess. The job has no time for inexperience, on the job training or waiting for someone to step in and help because the President is lost !

The Presidency demands someone who can and will step up when it counts and has a constant grasp of every situation at home and abroad. A demand that Barack Obama thus far has failed to meet and if his first two weeks are any indication may NEVER be able to meet before the job that currently overwhelms him becomes out of control and a danger to the Nation and the people.

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com