Burris, Smurris, Just Seat The Guy !

Roland Burris went to Washington with papers in hand stating that he was the Junior Senator from Illinois. Papers that prove that he was appointed legally to fill the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. Papers that gave him the legal authority to take the oath of office along with 99 other Senators who began the 111th Congress.

So Hapless Harry Reid read the papers, (actually the Senate Secretary acting on Reids behalf), looked Roland Burris in the eye and told him that he didn’t get one signature from the Illinois Secretary of State so his papers were no good, then proceeded to slam the Senate door in Rolands face.

If this does not prove just how screwed up the 58 ,(or 59 depending on whether Al Franken succeeds in stealing the Minnesota Senate race), seat majority of Democrats is going to be then I don’t know what else will. Unless it is possibly the fact that Vice President Elect Joe Biden took the Senate oath with the other 98 for the 111th Congress and plans on holding his seat as a Senator until the day before the inauguration when he will resign and his already appointed successor can actually come to Washington and take the seat. That is provided his papers are signed!

Now back to the unsigned papers of Roland Burris. The signature of the Illinois Secretary of State on the Senate credentials are only a ceremonial gesture because the power to appoint belongs , BY LAW, both State and Federal to the States Executive which is the Governor who is still Rod Balgojevich in Illinois. Blago still has all of his Gubernatorial powers and authority and as such is the legal representative to appoint the Senate seat.

Which is exactly what he did in appointing Burris. Now everyone knows that this appointment by Blago was a political move to help his case and that he is most likely as guilty as sin concerning the accusation leveled against him. I mean when has ANY Chicago politician who was caught NOT been guilty of the accusations against them ?

But at this point they are ONLY accusation. He has not been indicted, he has not been removed from office. The Illinois legislature has not removed ANY of his authority so the appointment of Burris is legal and as such Burris deserves to be seated in the Senate. But not according to the power mad Harry Reid who sites Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution saying, (according to Reid’s interpretation), that the Senate decides who will serve and who will not. Obviously he has not actually looked at the Constitution because Harry the PEOPLE decide who serves and who does not by their vote.

Although no one voted for Burris serving in the Senate they did vote for Blagojevich which as the duly elected official with the authority to fill a vacant Senate seat makes Burris the people’s choice. Additionally this clause that Reid is using states that the Senate judges the , “qualifications,” of the member.

Let’s see if Burris meets those qualifications. He must be at least thirty years old. At seventy one I believe that qualification is met. He must be a United States citizen. He was born August 3, 1937 in Centralia, Illinois. Illinois became part of the Union as the 21st State on December 3, 1818. So that would make Burris a legal citizen. He must be a resident of the State in which he will serve as Senator. Burris served in two State offices in Illinois and until his appointment was the CEO of Chicago based Burris & Lebed Consulting, LLC and resides in Chicago which is still a city in Illinois, so it looks like the residency qualification is fulfilled.

Where then does Hapless Harry come up with the hair brained idea that Burris is not qualified to serve in the Senate ? Could it be that Reid, because of his knee jerk reaction to the Blagojevich scandal has once again backed himself into a corner that he does not know how to get out of ? Could it come from Democrats not knowing how to handle a situation without creating a circus atmosphere while scrounging for a solution ? Is it all of the above ?

This has gone past the ridiculous point. Burris is legal so as a result he by law should be seated in the Senate Chambers as the Junior Senator from Illinois right now. Obviously Balgojevich to the great dismay of Obama, Reid and every other Democrat is NOT going to just go away and take his lumps. So Democrats pretending that they do not have to deal with Blago, his appointee or anything else he does while still legally the Governor of Illinois is NOT going to do anything except make a three ring circus into the greatest show on Earth.

The only answer to this fiasco is to seat Burris, let Blago do whatever he is going to do and NOT continue to play these stupid kids games at the expense of the people of The United States. Then again we are talking about Democrats and playing games with the peoples time and money is what they do best! We are in for the ride of our lives folks and the train hasn’t even left the station yet!

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com