Obama, Kennedy And Media Hypocrisy

Two very telling stories have surfaced in the past few days as we bring to an end 2008, the year of the Democrats. Both stories are extensions of the major story of the year, the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President. Extensions because neither would have taken place had Obama not been elected.

Both stories also show once again the hypocrisy and liberal bias of the media and their obsessive infatuation or love affair with Obama and the long standing affair that the media has had with the Kennedy’s.

The first deals with the President Elect and his Christmas vacation in Hawaii. Numerous pictures have surfaced that show Obama either swimming in the ocean or walking on the beach after a refreshing dip. In every picture the , “athleticism,” and buffed look of Obama is shown with drooling articles or captions expressing the ,”fine,” shape that the President Elect is in.

First let me stress that these pictures ARE NOT just happenstance or taken from hidden perches by , “Paparazzi,” from the media hype concerning Obama. Presidents and President Elects are surrounded by the most highly sophisticated and strict security found in the world. Photographs of a President especially in a private situation like those seen of Obama on the beach are not just taken and released by reporters who have not received prior security checks and clearance to take the pictures.

Remember a picture taken in secret could just as easily be a potential assassin and no one would be aloud to be that close to any President without the Secret Service taking the photographer out. So these pictures were staged and allowed to be release with a prior agreement by the Obama people as PR for the President Elect.

I know this for a fact also because of an incident at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point when Clinton was President. A Marine stationed on the base tried to get a picture of Air Force One as it took off after a Clinton visit and the Secret Service pounced on the Marine and confiscated his camera for security reasons BEFORE the picture could be snapped. If they will do this to one of America’s finest trying to get a picture of a plane carrying the President, do you actually think Paparazzi pictures on the beach of Obama would stand a chance ?

Stories surrounding the pictures drool over the buff look of Obama stating his work our regime since being elected and how is shows discipline and focus by a man who will take the same type of focus and stamina into the White House. Media hype praising their messiah for being in shape. The same media who has been condemning President Bush since he took office for , “excessive,” exercising. Running way to much. Bicycling far more than necessary and generally over doing it from an exercise stand point. But with Obama it is a sign of ,”greatness,” and character !

Give me a break! First Bush has been doing his exercise routine for years and he continued it in the White House. Obama just recently started his exercise regime and the pictures were allowed only to show the type of shape he is now in to create further media hype before he takes office.

Now on to Caroline Kennedy. She has become the front runner and the likely candidate to take the Junior Senator’s seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton. With no prior political experience and little clue as to what a Senator does, her name and the payola owed by Obama for her endorsement and work for his campaign will most likely gain Kennedy the seat.

She has shown pitiful savvy politically speaking in interviews and she , “you know, ” has no, “you know, ” ability, “you know, ” when it , “you know, ” comes to ,” you know,” public, “you know, ” speaking. She also dances around every questions because she has absolutely no clue concerning how to answer what she is asked.

Where the hypocrisy by the liberal media shows its ugly face is in how they are almost defending her especially the New York Times. If Sarah Palin had conducted an interview or press questioning even remotely like Caroline Kennedy she would have been fried like a chicken leg and condemned as an idiot. Palin conducted several interviews during the Presidential campaign and made a few gaffs that the press demonized.

The press lambasted Palin and Saturday Night Live lampooned her for, “you betcha,” and ,”dog gonnit.” But Carolina Kennedy using, “you know, ” every other word scarcely receives a mention. Kennedy’s total lack of political knowledge is also scarcely mentioned while the very politically successful and astute Palin was portrayed as raving lunatic.

The honeymoon for Barack Obama with the press may never end because of the love affair they have had and continue to have with the messiah. The Kennedy’s have had this type of infatuation from the media since the days of ,”Camelot,” and JFK which has allowed a considerable amount of garbage and controversy to receive little attention.

Scrutiny of a President by the press is something that has helped to keep balance in our system since the day George Washington first took office. Good, bad or indifferent, media scrutiny of a President has brought to light real or percieved scandals in out history which has brought a form of balance to our system, a balance that will not exist with Obama and a very liberal Congress.  The hypocrisy and infatuation by the press over Barack Obama and the Kennedy name is going to allow a complete novice into the Senate. It has already aloud a novice to be elected President !

Ken Taylor   http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com