Barack Obama - 44th President of The United States

In an historic outcome Barack Obama has been elected as the 44th President of The United States. While as a conservative I have many misgivings and disagreements ideologically, politically and philosophically with Barack Obama, as an American I must recognize the tremendous historical significance to his election as President.

For those in our Nation who believe that this country that we love is racist or that anyone who seeks to achieve in this land cannot reach for the stars, then the election of Obama should and must put to rest those thoughts and feelings and acknowledge that this is the greatest Nation on earth. Where a man whose descendants suffered the worst atrocities in our history has achieved the highest office in our land speaks of not only the greatness of our Nation but in the equality and advancements that we have achieved that brought us to this historic moment.

I do believe that we have elected an unknown and untested person in Barack Obama and it is now up to him to prove to all of us that he is more than eloquent speeches and well phrased words. His election, I believe does not change the make up of this Nation and its still conservative nature, but rather a referendum on the failures of the Republican party in neglecting those values and principles that created what is known as the Reagan revolution and the conservative principles that made President Reagan so popular and by most historians one of the greatest Presidents in our history.

While the emotion for change elected Obama, it is now up to him to live up to the hype created by that emotion. His unknown quantity remains a very disturbing factor in his election and the words of his running mate now Vice President Elect Joe Biden haunt the celebration of history of an African Americans election with the fear of the test on the international stage that will appear within the next year to find what this unknown quantity is made of and how he handles the most powerful and taxing job and office in the world and in history.

Running a virtually flawless campaign and leading a Nation are as different as night and day. Inexperience allows for many mistakes and whether Obama has the discipline and ability to handle and avoid those mistakes presents a chilling question mark concerning his Presidency. His rhetoric that calls for reshaping the foundations of this country imply much more than just overcoming race barriers in high office. Our national sovereignty and prestige as the one and only super power does not lend itself to bowing to lesser nations or asking their permission to act on our behalf.

Will his change the world view and seemingly adoption of embracing European values and forms of government weaken this Nation and endanger our security ? As President it is his responsibility to prevent this and one must wonder from his words whether he will or whether he won’t. This to adds to the unknown quantity.

One must wonder also that even with the hype, if the economy especially the mortgage collapse and the timing within the confines of the Presidential race had not happened as they did would Barack Obama even be President Elect. We may never know the answer but my opinion is that had the collapse taken place last summer or after election day, the outcome of this election would have been much different.

Now the electorate has spoken and there is a new President and whether we agree with him or not he will be the Chief Executive of our Nation. For those who agree with him it is a time of celebration and cheer. For those who disagree it is a time of disappointment. As Americans it is our responsibility whether from the right or the left to hold both he and our government accountable to we the people and to the Constitutional principles that make us free. That is the beauty and the singular wonder of this land and this Republic we love The United States of America !

Ken Taylor