Barack Obama - The Case Against Him

We are entering the final hours of the 2008 Presidential race. This race began literally at the closing of the 2006 election and has gone full steam ever since. We have experienced the longest Primary season in recent memory and are now faced with an election that holds the future of The United States and who we will be as a Nation as the result of this long and at times agonizing road to The White House.

When I say the future of The United States is at stake, this election as opposed to others in our past stands to bring about with its result if one candidate is chosen over the other a fundamental change in the foundational principles that have been the guide for this country since its birth. A candidate who has used ,”change,” as his mantra throughout the election and while many of us suspected it until the words came from his own mouth and have been reinforced ever since, many did not fully understand that the change he promoted was a change in who we are and what this country represents through freedom and Constitutional principles.

That candidate is Barack Obama. For the first time in this Nations history a candidate is poised to possibly become the leader our country and the most powerful man in the world yet he still remains a mystery. And that which is not a mystery namely his stance on the issues presents a fundamental change for this country from a Constitutional Republic governed by laws and principles that have been passed down to us from generations past established from our beginnings.

Change that in his own words promises to shake the foundations of our Republic and reshape our society from a unique form of government of and by the people to one that moves in lock step with European Socialism and promises to seek the consent of and cow down to those same European Nations and the most corrupt organization in the history of modern man, The United Nations.

Obama has outlined an America that rather than rewarding achievement through hard work will in fact discourage hard work, as the punishment for that work will be to see ones financial rewards taxed and given through government intervention to those who either choose to work less or whose circumstances do not provide in like manner. So in Barack Obama’s America rather that allowing the well known generosity of Americans through charitable giving to provide for the less fortunate, Obama’s America will eliminate choice in assistance by those with more to those with less by creating a tax welfare state where those who achieve by law will have their income redistributed to others. European Socialism at its worst.

His plan for America takes free market solutions which allow competition to drive prices and better technology and transfers the solutions from advancement through freedom to government stagnation costing Americans a trillion dollars in new spending which can only come from increasing the revenue through taxation at ALL income levels since Obama has not and cannot through his plan identify any cost cutting measures other than ending our presence in Iraq.

His plan for America calls for the largest increase in the size and scope of government in our history which creates nearly total government control in almost every aspect of the lives of all of our citizens. Control that eliminates individualism, personal achievement and competitive competition in favor of government mandates, over burdensome regulation and punishment for achievement since the more one makes the more that will be required to go to the government in the form of taxes to pay for his Socialist expansion.

On the foreign front Obama will take hat in hand and seek to meet with dangerous dictators from a stand point of weakness without conditions reversing a policy which has been the hall mark of our foreign policy throughout our history. While diplomacy in necessary, the President should NEVER meet with a foreign entity that is not an ally unless conditions that would give that enemy or potential enemy credibility are changed or addressed in a favorable manner to United States policy. Until then if negotiations take place lower ranking representative make the move NOT the President. Yet Obama promises to diminish the power and office of the Presidency to ,”talk,” with those entities and despots without condition.

Even foreign leaders questions Obama’s ability and experience. French President Nicolas Sarkozy this past week criticized Obama’s Iranian policy as, “utterly immature,” and comprised of ,”formulations empty of all content.” Europe who has a marked interest in the Iranian problem does not want Presidential level diplomacy and Sarkozy understands that Obama’s naive approach is dangerous and threatens to strengthen an already dangerous Iran.

Obama’s foreign policy inexperience already promises in his running mates own words a, “generated international crisis, ” test which is already being framed by Biden as promising a response that will not meet the test with success but in Biden’s words will look like Obama does not know what he is doing. Why ? Because he WILL NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. Our Nation and the World cannot afford any President of The United States to even before he takes office to simply by his election instigate an international crisis and then not be able to handle or even have the confidence or experience enough to think he can handle it.

In Obama’s America terrorism will once again become a criminal act rather than the act of war that it is. The failed policy of indictments and seeking court appearances for terrorist leaders will once again take center stage over the policy of seeking them out and eliminating them BEFORE they can attack our Nation. Obama’s America sees Afghanistan as the ONLY terrorist bastion and once defeated there then terrorism will once again move to the courts providing enemies with the same Constitutional rights as citizens who are granted those rights by foundational principles for Americans in America.

Networks of terror will once again have the ability to communicate with one another unchecked as surveillance procedures that have worked in preventing another attack on our soil and that other Nations such as Great Britain use and see as necessary in combating and preventing terrorism will be eliminated as liberals institute dangerously paralyzing restraints on agencies who have thwarted thousands of terrorist plots because of their diligence in breaking up these plans because of surveillance that does not threaten civil liberties of Americans.

In Obama’s America, the Constitution will either be ignored or reshaped through liberal interpretation making reference to Constitutional principles almost unrecognizable in the way the Framers formed our laws and government when writing our foundational document. The courts will legislate from the bench as a matter of practice rather that follow restraints as outlined in the Constitution.

Obama has made it known that he sees the failing of the court concerning redistribution through Civil Rights ruling as a court who,”didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.” What he believes as a failing in one ruling constitutes a belief in breaking away from Constitutional restraints in order to shape this country in accordance to his beliefs and NOT principals that have stood the test of time and freedom.

In Obama’s America the Constitution is a series of ,”negative liberties, ” that ONLY state what government cannot do and not what ,”government must do on your behalf.” Obama’s America seeks to impose government on the people rather than following the Constitutional principle and guide of keeping government from hindering and controlling the people.

For the first time in our history we are faced with a decision that will change our Nation for future generations. A change that will reshape our Nation from one whose freedoms allow Americans to reach for the stars in every aspect of life to one in which government through Socialistic intervention hampers freedom and achievement.

One of our primary responsibilities as Americans since our birth as a Nation, has been to insure that future generations of Americans have the same freedom and liberties and ability to seek and achieve the American Dream as past and current generations have had. Thousands have fought and died to help insure that this legacy of freedom and individual responsibility through and because of a free society is passed on to our children and our children’s children and so on. Not hampered by government control or intervention that takes the place of that individual responsibility.

To insure that we pass on an America that is safe from harm and not weak and vulnerable to entities that would seek to destroy that which so many have sacrificed for. We are not a Socialist society. We are not a follower of the world but the leader of the world. We are not a society of people that allows our government to control who and what we are but rather daily forces our government to remember that it is we the people are the continual and final voice in all matters relating to the operation of and welfare of this Nation.

It is not the government that dictates to us what we do. That my friends is what we must decide in this election. Do we want our Nation to continue to follow and adhere to the fundamental free principles that have endured and made us the greatest of all countries in world history ? Or do we want to give up those freedoms and principles allowing government to make our decisions, provide for our welfare and take on our personal responsibilities, controlling who and what we are and spending what we make in accordance to the dictates of a few who rule in Obama’s America.

This fundamental change from a free Constitutional Republic of by and for the people to a Socialistic society where Barack Obama and those who share power with him decide and distribute what they believe is, “fair,” and just and not the Constitutional principles that have already outlined the rights and freedoms of our people is what we will be electing on Tuesday if Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of The United States. Barack Obama’s America is NOT the America I want. NOT the America our Founders envisioned and framed and NOT the America that will continue to be the bastion of freedom and power for the world.

Ken Taylor