Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, The Fearsome Threesome - Goodbye Checks And balances

The 2008 election could usher in for the first time in our history a government without any checks and balances which is precisely the reason that our Founders in their great wisdom provided three branches with specific duties and freedom of the press all of which are supposed to work together to ensure that our government works for ALL of the people AND is subject to the will of the people.

With the distinct possibility of all three branches falling under complete liberal control AND the media who is so obviously in the tank with Democrats and favor liberal ideas and dogma any sense of balance in our government may fully disappear with the election of Barack Obama.

Some will try and present the argument that when President Bush was elected he also had a majority in the House and Senate. While this is true, three facts that may present themselves through this election did not apply to the Bush White House combined with a Republican majority in Congress.

First the Supreme Court. While the GOP headed both the Executive and Legislative branches, until Bush’s second term the Supreme Court leaned to the left. Even in the second term the Court is actually closer to a balance between conservative and liberal judges which has the distinction of decisions that meet with disappointment on both sides of the political spectrum.

Second the Congress. Although the GOP had majorities in both the House and Senate during the first Bush term, the majorities were not enough to pass legislation without the help of members of the other party. As such though a GOP majority, Democrats still had a strong voice in legislation and the ability to delay legislation in order to kill it. A move they used quite often and with some success.

Third the Media. Throughout the four years of GOP majorities with a GOP White House the media was decidedly stacked against Republicans. As they are so blatantly showing in this election most of the media leans left. With the decided media bias during the first Bush term with a majority in Congress, nothing attempted during those years was missed without great criticism by the left leaning media who have always shown a strong dislike for President Bush. This is not to say that during those four years the GOP did not deserve criticism, the large increase in government spending for conservatives was a source of great bitterness toward the GOP, and the press hailed it and criticised it at the same time even with the left leaning toward Democrats who love to spend and in whom Republicans mirrored in Bush’s first term.

How then if an Obama Presidency becomes the result of the 2008 election will our government have no checks and balances ? Citing the same criteria used above in showing that the balances were present during the first Bush term with a GOP majority, I will show how the balances disappear if Obama is elected.

First, the Supreme Court. As we wait the results of this years election so are certain members of the Supreme Court who are advanced in age and waiting to retire with a Democrat in office. Five Justices are at least seventy with a sixth being 69. Of those only Scalia and Kennedy are not considered liberals though Kennedy as the Courts loan so called moderate sides more with the left than he does the right. So an Obama Presidency certainly will appoint at least two if not four Justices. Replacing liberals with liberals and possibly replacing one moderate and one conservative with liberals.

Also in the court make up their is the possibility of the liberal Obama following the FDR example of stacking the court to ensure that decisions go in his favor. The Constitution does not provide for an absolute number of Justices. In our history we have had as few as five and as many as ten. When FDR could not get much of his New Deal passed through Congress he proposed raising the number of Justices to fifteen and planned on stacking the court with appointees who favored his ideas to spearhead Constitutional challenges. With a completely liberal Congress Obama while not increasing the number of Justices will have the ability to stack the court in his favor as Congress will approve all liberal nominations he makes. Until the retirement of those aged Justices he can increase the number to meet his needs if necessary with a liberal Congress happily approving the additions.

Second the Congress. The main difference between the first Bush term and a possible Obama first term is the make up of the Congress. If the House does not change, Obama will have a strong and clear majority in the House. Most however, believe that the House majority will increase on November 4. The Senate is close to a balance but two changes could take place. The first is that the deciding Vice Presidential and President of the Senate vote if the Senate remains somewhat balanced if Obama is elected will be Joe Biden who will side with Democrats. Second more GOP seats are up for grabs this year and also more GOP Senators are not seeking another term. The distinct possibility of a super majority exists in the Senate which could provide a completely liberal House and Senate. The GOP Minority would be reduced to only a troublesome, “fly in the ointment,” without even the strength to counter legislation that they disagree with.

Third, the Media. As has been stated above the media is decidedly liberal leaning with some blatantly so. If Obama is elected and if the Democrats gain seats in the majority giving them full legislative power, the check that the free press media should provide in non-biased journalism seeking the revelation of abuse and other types of supposed or real problems in Washington will disappear almost completely. Evidence this by the almost total positive coverage of the Obama campaign and the almost as equal negative coverage of the McCain campaign. So much so that negatives about Obama have received little or no coverage and in most cases when covered are mentioned as only right wing attacks against the media messiah. This type of coverage will continue if Obama is elected and the Congress becomes a liberal mecca.

The Framers of the Constitution designed our government structure to be balanced as all three Branches have distinct responsibilities which should not blend into one ideology or political presentation. Additionally the idea presented by the Framers of a free press was thought to be an additional check for the government as journalism was thought to be the conscience of the people.

Journalism because of its obvious bias to the left has lost all credibility as the conscience of the people and its ability as an avenue of balance in our Constitutional Republic. Combining this with an unfettered liberal White House, Congress and Supreme Court could and likely will change the fabric of our society and the fundamental principles that have made this Nation great. We fought a Revolution to be a free and independent Republic from European Socialism so that the people ruled the land NOT the government. An unfettered liberal government promises to return us to that Socialistic slavery. NEVER what our Founders intended nor the Framers of the Constitution presented as the governing laws of our society.

Ken Taylor