John McCain, Barack Obama - This Race Is Far From Over

I have followed politics for my entire adult life. The first election that I participated in, I voted for Gerald Ford when he ran against Jimmy Carter. My candidate lost and though disappointed in the outcome, the excitement of knowing that I had the privilege to participating in one of our most glorious displays of freedom still leaves me with the same awe today at the greatness of our Nation as it did that first time in 1976.

All elections create a certain air of anxiousness with voters because, let’s face it, when it comes to our vote everyone of us is extremely partisan. Even those who decide on the day of the election, once that decision is made partisanship sets in and throughout the coverage on election night either excitement or disappointment reigns in every voters heart as we cheer for the victory of our candidate.

Some of this comes from our inherent belief as Americans in winning. But when it comes to elections that winning spirit is stronger than even the most exciting sports contest because elections determine whether this Nation that we love will take a course following a direction that matches our own personal, political, religious and philosophical beliefs.

Elections by their very nature create excitement, anger, partisanship and disappointment because all of us want and need to back the winner. The closer that we get to any election day the four things I just mentioned become more pronounced with each passing day and this election is no different that any other in that sense yet calls for calm persist daily. When in actuality the emotions we are seeing are common in every election.

As a conservative who will be voting Republican and back wholeheartedly the McCain/Palin ticket I have begun to see an anxiousness that is in many ways becoming a resignation by many toward the outcome of this election. Anxious that McCain hit hard against Obama and resignation that because of polling and the constant Obama barrage that we have had thrust at us in by Main Stream Media that this election is already over and the casting of our votes on November 4 is immaterial because the outcome is already decided.

Throughout my experience in following elections, especially because of being a conservative and voting Republican, every election has had its anxiousness toward whether our candidate can win because in nearly every election the Republican candidate especially in the Presidential race is portrayed as the underdog. Even Ronald Reagan who won two landslides over first Jimmy Carter and then Walter Mondale was cast as the underdog in both elections.

This year the anxiousness and resignation that I am seeing seems more pronounced than it has in previous elections. Almost as if many in who feel this way have resigned themselves into thinking that we have no choice in this outcome since the media and the polls have already decided that Obama will be the winner.

First I remind you of a quote from former New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” The truth is that this like any election , “ain’t over,” until the last vote is cast and every vote is counted. In each election that I have been involved in since I first voted in 1976, Republicans always, I stress ALWAYS find themselves behind in the polls.

Why ? Most pollsters lean to the left and as such when taking into account the sampling of likely or registered voters or polls that , “randomly,” choose a sampling of people, the sampling ALWAYS has more who call themselves Democrat than Republican. Which of course scews the poll toward the Democrat candidate. This year the samplings seem more Democrat leaning that in other elections. Just last week for example the AP poll sampled 40% Democrat and 29% Republican which resulted in a 9 point lead for Obama.

Another aspect in this election which creates the air of Obama victory more than the air of Democrat victory in other elections is the constant barrage of Obama in the news. We have been hammered with Obama this and Obama that for months and for a time McCain could not get more than a short mention in most news coverage of the election. Even now with the election taking the spotlight the majority of reporting in negative toward McCain and especially Governor Palin and extremely positive toward Obama.

Never before has a candidate had as much free favorable air time as Obama has had with the love affair he is having with the media. Their obvious bias and favoritism toward him has prevented a true venting of the Democrat candidate which is also why there are still so many questions about just who Barack Obama is.

All of this has created a resignation with McCain supporters that could pose a problem at the polls because of an almost , “what’s the use,” attitude that may cause some to not vote because they feel it won’t matter anyway. Let me tell you THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO FEEL AND THINK !

This barrage of Obama and bias toward him both in the polls and the media is there to create the air of discouragement in those who support John McCain and Sarah Palin. They want us to lose our excitement in the election. They want us to fear that we have already lost. They want us to resign ourselves to an Obama victory. They want us to give up. They want us to stay away from the polls on election day. They want us by our resignation to actually help Obama win because come November 4 we have already given up !

Don’t fall into their trap. Don’t resign yourself into thinking that Obama has already won. Don’t give up because this election is FAR FROM OVER ! McCain was counted out in the primaries yet he won the nomination. Republicans NEVER have the advantage in coverage or support in the media and they have ALWAYS shown negative toward our candidates.

They vilified Reagan, and they are doing the same with McCain. The 24/7 news adds to this discouragement because the barrage never ends. Don’t buy into it and take the coverage for what it is worth, a blatant campaign by the press to elect Barack Obama. As far as the polls go, there is ONLY one poll that counts and that is the one in the polling booth on election day.

Reagan was behind in the polls in both 1980 and 1984 and won in two landslides. Bush was behind in the polls as much as five points on election day and WON the election by five points. Even the exit polling in 2004 had everyone believing as late as 6 PM Eastern time that John Kerry was winning and winning huge. Then the actual votes totals began to come in and an entirely different picture started showing.

Personally I still believe in the American people. I believe that they understand what we face in this world and the true ramifications of this election. Call me an eternal optimist but I believe that voters on election day will forget the Obamahype and the rhetoric and when it is just one voter alone in every voting booth across this Nation many things that polls and press cannot show will come into play.

Americans want someone as their President who knows from experience what to do in a crises. Americans want someone as Commander in Chief who understands the world and the dangers that are real and threatening. Americans want someone as their President who does not have to learn what to do but knows what to do from day one. When voters stand in that booth the hype, the fancy words, the twisting of the facts and the cries from the crowds who have been whipped into a frenzy will disappear.

When voters enter that booth across this Nation the mania will cease and the truth of selection will face each voter with the cold hard facts. Do we want inexperience and someone untested who we still know nothing about to lead this Nation through troubled times ? Or do we want someone who has stood the test of time and has the experience to lead immediately without hype or the frenzy of the masses. When voters face the real choice alone in that booth, I believe that the majority will realize that the only real choice is John McCain.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com