Barack Obama And Bill Ayers - Why This Is Important

For the last twenty months there have been small ramblings concerning the relationship between Barack Obama and former Weather Underground chief and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. The association concerns Obama’s involvement with Ayers as financial distributor and board member with a community action organization The Woods Fund in Chicago that both belonged to. Additionally they lived in the same neighborhood where Ayers held a, “coffee,” in his home to kick off Obama’s State Senate run.

Until recently the MSM has avoided even the slightest mention of the relationship because it placed a negative spotlight on Obama because Ayers who used domestic terrorism to bomb the Pentagon, The United States Capitol and New York City police headquarters where officers were killed not only got off on a technicality but praised the system that let him off and has since admitted that he thought more should have taken place. It took Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign to finally get the media to take notice of the Ayers – Obama question.

Since Ayers unrepentant illegal terrorist activities took place in the sixties and early seventies when Obama was a child, and there association took place in the late nineties and early part of this decade, why then is this association and its ramifications so important ?

Bill Ayers has and always will be a radical anti – American activist who abused his right of free speech by taking that right to a violent and illegal outcome. Even the funds that were distributed through the Woods Fund from a grant received by the Chicago Anninberg Challenge on the premise that it was being used for education were NOT used for promoting the three “R’s” but for teaching students radical ideas.

Ayers is well known in Chicago circles both for his involvement with the Woods Fund, as a Professor at the University of Illinois and for his radical statements and illegal activities of the sixties and seventies. The only person who did not seem to know this was Barack Obama, or so he says and that is part of where the controversy concerning their relationship lies.

Throughout the Presidential campaign the associations of Barack Obama have been questioned because of the radical content and statements made by each and Obama’s close relationship with several who promote anti – American ideas like Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and several others including a convicted felon Tony Resco. As a man who wishes to be President of the United States these type of relationships bring up a question of character and in whom he will seek advise if elected.

What Ayers did in the sixties and seventies and how that affects Obama now is not as concerning as Obama’s continual denial of any type of relationship with a man who clearly hates this country and his response to that relationship has changed whenever questioned and always downplayed which lends itself to the belief that he is being far less than truthful especially when records show that their involvement was far more than just a guy who lived in Obama’s neighborhood.

If the relationship is a ,”innocent,” as Obama claims then why is he not forthcoming with the details and the true tie to Ayers that matches the public record ? If he has nothing to hide then why is he trying to hide it so adamantly ? His continual denial that contrasts the public record is what make the relationship look shady at best.

This is one of the basic problems about Barack Obama. We are only a matter of days from a Presidential election in which Obama could become the next leader of this nation and the free world and the public STILL has no clue as to who he is and where he comes from. He is a mystery man that speaks well and is asking the people of this Nation to trust him only because he says so and not because he has been open as to who he is, who he associates with and why we should trust a man we know nothing about.

A President is public property , so to speak. An open book who because of the nature of the office needs the public trust and as such should also trust the public with who he is, what he believes and what he stands for including where he comes from and what he has done before taking office.

Obama has only touched on some of what he has done, denies who he has been involved with, only skims the surface of where he has come from but most importantly continually hides who he is. The association with Bill Ayers becomes important in the fact that it is part of long line of mysteries that Obama has and questions about just who he is. All of the mystery adds to the fact that only days from the election this Nation still does not know much of anything about this man. And that makes Ayers important !

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com