Sarah Plain The Democrat Target

Since the announcement of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate nearly two weeks ago she has been the focus of attacks from both the media and the Democrat Party. These attacks have been ridiculous and over board to the point that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are angered about the direction and content of the attacks, even those who would never vote for McCain or support Palin.

Groups who should be heralding Palin’s achievements because they have advocated the advancement of women are attacking Palin because she is not a liberal women. Commentators who praised the achievements of Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro condemn Sarah Palin because she has achieved her success without compromising principles and standing fast to her conservative beliefs.

While these attacks against this tremendously popular and accomplished lady have been disgusting and over board they have shown an aspect of liberals and the Democrat Party including the Obama campaign that had not been revealed in this manner before.

Democrats, Obama, the media and liberals in general are so occupied with attacking Sarah Palin because she does not fit the mold of the liberal, abortion favoring, career choosing over family baring women that liberals have touted as the epitome of a successful women, that they have opted to campaign against the number two on the GOP ticket rather than the number one who will be President.

There are two reasons why this has happened. The first was mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Sarah Palin does not fit the liberal mode of a successful women therefor she in not capable nor qualified to run for public office much less being Vice President. Also being a new shining star on the national political stage Palin offers the left something they do not have in John McCain.

McCain has been in the national spotlight for so long that he is an open book. He has been scrutinized through two Presidential campaigns as well as several Senate and House campaigns so any skeletons that he may have had have already been revealed and he not only survived left wing attacks but has come out clean.

Sarah Palin on the other hand is a newcomer who has never had the national scrutiny and is now moving into the spotlight as possibly becoming the first women Vice President and maybe the first woman President. A spot that the left had reserved for Hillary Clinton but now Palin has become the favorite in arriving first for both offices.

This poses two methods of attack by the left that they just cannot resist even if it means sinking the Democrat ticket and losing the Presidency in the process. One, the first women President or Vice president is reserved, in their liberal minds, for the Democrats. After all they have been the self proclaimed champions of women for decades, though their actions against Palin are proving otherwise.

Secondly, the left has always lost elections where they had to compete in the field of ideas so for decades they have used perceived and created scandal as their political weapon. With Palin being a newcomer to the national stage she has not been available for the liberal scandal sheets so the attacks are yet another attempt by the left to destroy the opposition by perceived scandal.

Remember with the left it is not the evidence of scandal but the seriousness of the charge that counts. Also trying to create scandal with Palin, in their minds, provides a door of opportunity that because of the intense scrutiny that McCain has had over he years, that this election has not had until the announcement of Sarah Palin as the number two on the Republican ticket.

To this point it is backfiring on the left, but that will not slow them down because, especially with the weak ticket they have and the paper thin resume of Obama, perceived scandal is their best shot, in their minds, at defeating McCain so Palin is their target and the attacks will continue until election day.

The fact that she is a woman does not matter to the left. The fact that she is popular does not matter to the left. The fact that she has and will make history does not matter to the left. The fact that she has successfully combined a political career with being a loving mom does not matter to the left.

The only thing that matters is trying to create a perceived scandal regardless of how ridiculous the charge and bring down this good and faithful lady because she does not fit their mold and scandal is their only weapon in a political contest where people are looking for leadership and ideas.

Ken Taylor