Sarah Palin Strikes Fear On The Left

Publicly they are not admitting it. The attacks against her continue. Their goal to destroy her is ongoing. While they are trying to look like they are in control and handling the situation with ease, the left and the Main Stream Media are running scared because of Sarah Palin. Why does this Hockey mom , Governor of the State of Alaska and now GOP Vice Presidential nominee strike fear and concern in those on the left ?

I can tell you it is not because she can field dress a moose, though that does prove that she is one tough lady. Sarah Palin symbolizes everything that the left has claimed they stand for and claim that they champion, but she did not take the liberal path in her success and now they fear her because she has the ability and the national spotlight to show others that being a successful women DOES NOT mean you have to be liberal.

Organizations like the National Organization for, (liberal), Women who should be singing her praises, demonize her because she is a conservative and not liberal like their agenda calls for all women to be. The MSM who should be telling the world the history making news that a self made women who is the Governor of a State AND a mom has chosen to dig for any perceived dirt in order to try an destroy her rather than be objective journalists and report her success.

Democrats who claim to champion women’s rights have attacked every aspect of her life and as with the MSM demonized her because she is a conservative and her values were not shaped by the liberal left making her an enemy to most Dems rather than a ally.

The Obama campaign find themselves in a catch 22. As a Vice Presidential candidate they have to campaign against her but if they are not careful in their campaign the very act of campaigning against a strong conservative women could backfire because she is a women and the most popular candidate running in this election. Even more popular than the top of BOTH tickets.

Sarah Palin has also awakened a sleeping giant that most had written off in this election. A sleeping giant that has not been this energized or excited since the days of Ronald Reagan 20 years ago. The Republican Party and especially the conservative base have moved from accepting the inevitable to an excitement and energy that has the GOP machine ready and able to turn this election upside down.

In addition the fact that John McCain has added a staunch conservative to the ticket and one who is overwhelmingly popular, McCain no longer has to wonder whether the base is behind the ticket. Giving him the ability to continue to strengthen the support from the base while going full steam for moderates and independents who have not decided who they will vote for and in this election comprise a voting block extremely important to both sides.

This one fact alone is an issue that the Dems never expected. They had planned for and even taken for granted that McCain’s former unpopularity with the GOP base would place him in a position in the final weeks of the campaign where he would have to continue to shore up the base AND try and pick up a few independents. Giving the Dems the opening to provide a laundry list of programs that would steer independents their way making them falsely look like the party of the middle and the champion of every day Americans.

Now with an everyday mom on the GOP ticket, a women who America knows and understands what we face on a daily basis because they are issues and problems that she personally has to deal with. And with a candidate on the top of the ticket who can spend time talking with undecided voters because the base is behind him the Dems are entering the final weeks of the campaign trying to reshape their strategy.

The national polls have shown that the ,”Obama bounce,” is gone. The, “bounce,” for the GOP ticket will not be fully known until Monday and Tuesday. The only true poll that counts is the one that appears on election day from the polling booths and the results of the election, but a poll that reveals a great deal about this campaign appeared last week and it cannot be good news for the left.

This poll has slipped under the radar to a certain extent but the ramifications of this poll are real and far reaching. During the DNC Convention especially the last night the left was beside themselves when the Nielson ratings came out showing that the Obama acceptance speech drew more than 38 million viewers. They were ecstatic when the first night of the GOP Convention was canceled because of Hurricane Gustav. Not in celebration of the emergency that was facing the Gulf Coast, as with all Americans they were concerned about the impact for the people living there. Their excitement about the storm was that it took away one night from the GOP celebration.

They also knew that they had built a perceived controversy around McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin and that the night of McCain’s acceptance speech was the opening game of the NFL season as well as three nationally televised college games. Americans love football and the Dems knew that the ratings would be poor compared with Obama who had no other viewership competition.

Well the Dems received a shock. On Wednesday when Governor Palin spoke more than 37 million viewers tuned in just under Obama’s numbers and 15 million more than on the Wednesday of the DNC Convention when Joe Biden spoke. Palin’s numbers also included 19 million women viewers. On Thursday as John McCain accepted the GOP nomination just under 39 million tuned in even with the NFL opener as competition. A full 500 thousand MORE viewers that Obama who had no televisions competition. Making the GOP Convention the most viewed Convention in history.

Someone who takes the time to watch a political convention is also someone who will take the time to vote. The huge numbers pulled in by the GOP show that their is in reality MORE interest in the GOP ticket than the Democrat ticket which is just the opposite of what had been portrayed by the Dems and the media. And it is not all Sarah Palin as John McCain was a solo on Thursday night the highest viewership in history.

Additionally the youth vote that the Obama campaign has been bragging about having in large numbers has shown a more that 25% drop in support in the past two weeks and we are still several weeks from the election.

While television numbers are not an absolute sign of victory for the GOP it does show that interest for the GOP ticket is very strong. The obvious fear in Democrat and liberal circles of Sarah Palin, and the down home appeal of Palin to the average American also gives a distinct advantage to the GOP . Combined with an energized and totally on board GOP and conservative base giving McCain the ability to go after the all important independents has placed McCain/Palin in a very strategic advantage for the final weeks of the 2008 Presidential election.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com