O Bama Where Art Thou ?

He has picked his running mate. Joe Biden from Delaware. A Senator who like Obama himself is an obvious flip flopper. While running for the Democrat Nomination Biden considered is a ,”tragic mistake, ” for the Democrats to nominate a candidate without ,”unimpeachable credentials on national security and foreign policy.” Now he is not only running with that candidate but considers the same inexperienced candidate he criticized to be qualified for the Presidency.

But in this world of politics there is one individual who calls for Obama in a way that should mean much more than it does to the Democrats and the media. A person who is not chanting ,”change,” like the minions who are mesmerized by the liberal Senator from Illinois. A person who shares not only a name but blood with Barack Hussein Obama.

In a shanty town in Huruma near Nairobi, Kenya lives George Hussein Obama, the 26 year old half brother of Barack Obama. Both the sons of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. A brother that Barack the candidate has met once when a child, and then the year before becoming a United States Senator he traveled to Nairobi to visit other family there and met with his half brother again.

George Obama lives off of one dollar a month and calls as his home a tin shack in the shanty town of Huruma. Compare this to the nearly two million dollar home and the multi million dollar income of his much more famous brother. Many who stand with Barack have and will just pass this story by with a shrug or as an attempt by the right and even the media to damage the untouchable candidate.

The truth is that this one enlightening story about the impoverished half brother of a man who is running for the most powerful office in the world speaks volumes about the true character of Barack Obama. In the world of politics nearly every elected official or candidate has a distant relative who may live in a bad situation. After all almost every American family has a distant member who either chooses to live in terrible conditions or through circumstances have found themselves in those conditions.

But they are not running for President of The United States claiming to be a,” citizen of the world,” and calling for billions of tax payer dollars to pay for huge government entitlements to ,”care,” for those who may find themselves in similar conditions as George Obama. Now as a conservative, I fully understand that these multi billion dollar programs proposed by Barack will do nothing to eliminate or even help the poverty stricken.

If they actually helped than the welfare programs instituted by FDR and the Great Society started by LBJ would have long eliminated poverty in America. Government programs fail at providing what they are designed to do because of the huge and over burdensome tax and bureaucratic monsters they create.

The point here is that Democrat nominee Barack Obama claims to be the caring, compassionate liberal that embraces the world yet he cannot even lend a simple helping hand to a blood brother who lives off of one dollar a month.

Some may ask, “why is this such a big deal ?” After all Jimmy Carter had Billy and Bill Clinton had Roger, both of whom were somewhat of an embarrassment to the family because of their actions. Also Barack has never been close to his half brother.

Yes Jimmy had Billy and Bubba had Roger but neither of these Presidential brothers lived in poverty. Yes Barack and George Obama have never been close and hardly know each other , but they DO know each other and Barack the Presidential candidate has not even attempted to lend a helping hand to his impoverished brother.

Last week the Obama campaign attacked John McCain for not knowing how many houses he owned. Suggesting that because he does not know how many houses he owns, how then can he handle a struggling economy. Not once in this attack by the Obama campaign was it mentioned that the reason that McCain does not know how many is because at least two were given to members of McCain’s family, an elderly aunt and a daughter.

So to Barack Obama I present a similar question to the one he attacked McCain with. With a brother who lives on one dollar a month and lives in a ramshackle shack, how can Barack Hussein Obama handle the impoverished in our own country when he cannot even take care of his own ?

More importantly, as has been said hundreds of times by dozens of pundits, a Presidential campaign is about character. Having an impoverished brother who is well known to a candidate is a true judge of that candidates character. Even if he does not truly care about the plight of his brother one would think that if he was planning to run for President he would at least make sure his brother had a decent place to live and an allowance or assistance in acquiring a job to better his impoverished situation. If for nothing else but to prevent this from becoming a PR problem.

But Barack Obama’s concern for his brother does not even encompass the possibility of it becoming a PR problem much less concern for a blood relative whose ties are as close as sharing the same father.

Of course caring and compassionate liberals see nothing wrong with this picture because their anointed one is beyond all reproach. After all this is the party who partnered with Denver, Colorado to find ways to get the homeless off the streets only long enough to keep them from the cameras during the DNC Convention with free tickets and haircuts rather than trying to find real housing and care for the very people who the Democrats claim to champion.

It would seem that the hypocrisy of liberals begins at the top with their nominee and trickles all the way down the liberal ladder. Setting aside the political ramifications concerning the impoverished George Obama, decency dictates that his rich and famous brother should extend a helping hand to his shanty town resident brother in Kenya. So the cry from shanty town to Illinois is, “O Bama where art thou ! “

Ken Taylor ( http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com )