Barack Obama Makes Wife Fair Game

“LAY OFF MY WIFE,” Barack Obama in May 2008. During the Saddleback Forum Obama was asked in whom he receives advise when Rick Warren asked this question , ” Who are you going to rely heavily on in your administration ?” Obama’s first response was, “You mentioned one person I’d be listening to and that’s Michelle.”

Obama has made it very clear that his wife Michelle is off limits when it concerns his run for the Presidency. He emphatically stated in May after a GOP ad in Tennessee targeted his wife because of several controversial statements that she has made on the campaign trail, that he deemed it , “unacceptable, ” and that his wife was off limits.

Setting aside the controversial statements that she has made like being , “proud ,” of America for the first time in her,” adult life,” because her husband is running for President, Barack Obama in his response to Rick Warren’s question on who he will depend upon for advice as President has now left the door wide open for Michelle Obama to be scrutinized and questioned during the remainder of the campaign.

Now we all know that the wife of a Presidential candidate is open for scrutiny because she could possibly become the First Lady of The United States. But obviously Obama has not and would not accept this fact so he lashed out at the GOP for the scrutiny concerning his wife who has been on the campaign trail but according to Obama should be off limits.

Well Barack you can’t have it both ways. His answer to Warren indicates that Michelle Obama is his first and top advisor and as such she is not only fair game for scrutiny and , “attack ads,” by Republicans and the media, but as an advisor she SHOULD be questioned as all campaign and/or Presidential advisers are.

After all an advisor is one in whom advice is received which in turn equates into policy and decisions that can effect the American people. Therefor as an advisor she deserves questioning and intense scrutiny as she shapes the campaign and public policy of a Presidential candidate, namely Barack Obama.

From his own lips Obama has removed the gloves that he placed on scrutiny of Michelle in his statement in May of this year and by his own admission as an advisor he himself has made her fair game for all. By his own admission she no longer is just the innocent wife who Obama claims to protect from harm but an official advisor who shapes his ideas and policy and as such is open for any and all scrutiny and questions concerning her character and ANY statement she makes in public.

Once again Obama speaks from both sides of his mouth trying to have it both ways. His statement during the Saddleback Forum when trying to avoid the question when asked at what point a baby gets human rights as being , “above his pay grade,” ( an answer that in itself proves his inability to deal with issues especially those concerning the sanctity of life), can also be applied to his run for the Presidency, a run that to is way above his pay grade.

Ken Taylor