Barack Obama Brings Georgia Cease Fire And Wins Olympic Gold

The arrogance continues in the campaign of king Barack Obama. Not only is he a, “citizen of the world,” and is the, “symbol of our best traditions,” informing the people of the world that, “this is our moment,” because, “we are the change we have been waiting for,” but now the messiah is directly responsible for a cease fire by the Russian Republic in the attacks against Georgia.

Yes the messiah called for a cease fire and the Russians and the Georgian President realized that the ,”one,” had spoken and in the best interest of all citizens of the world the best course of action would be to have an immediate cease fire.

Virginia Governor Tom Kaine who is on the short list as Obama’s VEEP was on Fox News this morning and being on that short list he must be in the know concerning the activities and happenings within the Throne Room of the great Obamamessiah and this is what Governor Kaine said on Fox, “It was a bad crisis for the world. It required tough words but also a smart approach to call on the international community to step in. And Iā€™m very, very happy that the Senator’s request for a ceasefire has been complied with by President Medvedev.ā€

Yes the messiah spoke and the world hears and nor Barack Obama king and messiah for a world that has been lacking one who would bring about all good for all people has brought about the end of hostilities between Russia and Georgia. My legs are tingling at the thought of what else this wonderful citizen of the world can bring.

I have heard that even now he is on his way to Beijing because Michael Phelps is not sure whether he can win all eight of the Gold Medals that he is swimming for and that Barack Obama is coming to the rescue to help the American swimmer become another convert and citizen of the world and Barack will bring Gold to the help Phelps.

Will this arrogance by and on behalf of the Obamamessaih ever end! Why should I vote , I mean after all he is already president and king of the world so my vote is inconsequential to the coronation of the Obamamessiah.

He can end war, make women faint, make three pointers at will, wave his hand and masses scream their approval. Look up in the sky, it’s a bird , it’s a plane……no it’s Super Obama !The arrogance continues even while he vacations in Hawaii. Wait could that be the Obamamessiah parting the seas a Waikiki ? Who knows while he is there he may just raise the Arizona and resurrect her crew after all he is Barack Obama the king of the world!

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com