Republican Revolt An Energy Revolution


House Republicans continue the revolt against Speaker Pelosi and her irresponsible decision to not allow any energy legislation to come to the House floor for a vote and leave for the August recess. The revolt which began last Friday and continues today with former Speaker Newt Gingrich speaking along with many House Republicans, is to demand Congress reconvene and debate and vote on energy legislation.

Republicans are calling for drilling as well as alternatives forms of energy to decrease the stranglehold that we have from our dependence on foreign sources of oil. Pelosi shut down the House on Friday yet Republicans stayed to do the people’s business in the People’s House demanding that the House pass an energy bill to provide relief at the pumps for the American people.

While any drilling will not have an immediate effect on supply passing legislation to allow that drilling will have an immediate effect on the market as futures speculators will see that supply will increase and as such will adjust prices to meet with the increase of supply in the future.

A staffer for Human Events the non -profit organization and conservative think tank headed by Newt Gingrich found several articles by economists backing the fact that legislation allowing drilling to increase future supply will have an immediate effect on the market. The articles were submitted to several economic publications and rejected but not for reasons that one might think.

The reasons for the rejection was that any economist already knows this and as such is would be a waste of printed space to print the obvious. The rejection notification went on to say that even those in the Democrat Energy Caucus understand this fact although for political purposes and to follow their anti-drilling agenda refuse to admit the truth.

House Minority Leader John Boehner has invited GOP nominee John McCain to speak during the GOP House revolt and McCain and Boehner are checking parliamentary procedures as well as the Senators schedule to try and make this happen. In normal circumstances House rules do not allow a Senator to speak on the House floor.

More members of the GOP are arriving to participate each day with more than 100 expected to arrive by Friday of this week. Large crowds of citizens are entering the House chambers and even sitting on the House floor as well as the gallery to participate in the proceedings and are cheering speakers as they debate over energy and call for Pelosi to return to Washington and call back the Congress.

Pelosi of course is to busy trying to,”save the planet,” and promoting her new book to return and to the people’s business. Are we watching the beginning of the end of Pelosi’s term as Speaker ?Is this also the beginning of the end of Democrat majority in the House ? November could very well answer both questions with a resounding yes as the GOP have finally stood up for the people and the people approve!

Ken Taylor