Barack Obama The Scripted Media Hound

His favorite word when faced with a situation without a planned script is ,”ummm.” He stumbles whenever questioned on something in which a prepared statement was not available. He does nothing that is not politically motivated to get the most out of an event or a picture opportunity.

This is the candidate who says he is not like the rest of Washington and brings change. All of the Obama hype about change and difference is proving to be just that, HYPE. If anything he says or any appearance he makes does not provide press coverage or a photo op then this typical liberal politician does not do it.

Additionally he cannot work without either a teleprompter or a script of answers or talking points, which is the real reason he refuses to meet with John McCain for series of Town Hall meetings. He and his handlers realize that Obama, the scripted candidate, would be eaten alive by McCain who handles Town Hall meetings extremely well.

Even his supposed ,”off the cuff,” moment during his World Tour was not only scripted but designed to show the Obama ,”humility,” (which is as fake as his recent move to the center), and his pious Christianity. During his trip to Jerusalem Barack Obama visited what is known as the wailing wall. The remains of the original temple in Jerusalem that is a holy site where pilgrims gather and place prayers within the walls cracks. Prayers that are supposed to be between the pilgrim and God.

Two days ago it was revealed that Obama’s prayer had been snatched by a youth who saw an opportunity for his fifteen minutes of fame and published by Israels second largest paper. Other Israeli publications quickly announced their refusal to publish the,”private,” prayer written on Hotel note paper. They along with worldwide media outlets condemned the publication. Yet the Obama campaign was strangely quiet letting the media only stand for the candidate.

This seemed puzzling to me until a news article from the Israeli Insider a daily news magazine published a story telling that not only was the prayer available for publication but that the paper that published it was granted permission BEFORE Obama even arrived at the Hotel in which the note paper was used to write the prayer. Obama played the Israeli press like a master making himself look like a victim while all along using a supposed off the cuff private event to a holy and prayerful place as yet another political publicity stunt.

Within hours after the publication videos appeared on You Tube using the prayer and pictures of Obama in church settings and Amazing Grace as background music. Ending with the Obama campaign logo and his web address.

This partners with his planned visit to wounded soldiers at the military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. The Pentagon justifiably so requested that Obama not use the hospital for political purposes which is completely understandable considering that brave soldiers are recuperating from wounds received defending this Nation. But they did NOT tell Obama he could not visit the hospital only that the press and cameras were not allowed but he and his staff were welcome to visit.

Using every excuse from making the visit during a campaign trip being inappropriate to blaming the Pentagon’s request, Obama not only did not visit the hospital but chose rather to make a very public trip shopping in Germany. Since he could not use these American heroes for a photo op, the scripted candidate decided visiting them was not worth his time or his trouble. He not only insulted the soldiers but showed his true contempt for the military. The right thing to do would have been to visit them just because they deserve the visit from a United States Senator and not concern his political highness with whether he had pictures of the visit or not.

A true Commander in Chief cares for the troops and visits them because they served and NOT for publicity. Obama has once again added to the long list of reasons why this inexperienced scripted media whore does not have the credentials or the sincerity to be Commander in Chief. There are many times that a sitting President visits troops in hospitals and leaves the press behind or dismisses them before entering the rooms of brave Americans who have sacrificed for this Nation.

Obama is actually believing his own hype as he announced yesterday that he is the,”favorite,” now to win in November. I guess this arrogant liberal believes that the press, who adore him, speak for the American people yet polls show that not only did this world tour NOT help his campaign but John McCain has actually gained and is either in a statistical tie or in the lead in every poll.

This arrogance has even prompted the DNC to rent Mile High Stadium the home of the Denver Broncos during the Convention in August which seats 75,000 people because when Obama accepts the nomination his campaign and the DNC claim the Convention Center is not large enough to hold the people. Of course they will ship in people from all over the world in order to fill the stadium, but the arrogance is obvious.

Heck they might even allow the homeless of Denver entry to the stadium instead of buying them movie, zoo or museum tickets to get them off the streets, which is their plan so as not to present a bad face before the cameras while the Democrats take over Denver.

Still the polls do not show this scripted liberal politician catching on with the American people. In fact a very important voting block for Democrats, women over forty, favor McCain 42% to Obama’s 35%. A very significant number considering that this is a typical Democrat voting block.

Also while Obama leads in many polls taken with registered voters, McCain leads in most polls for likely voters. The difference of course being that likely voters are those who will actually take the time to head to the polls in November and actually vote.

So the Obama hype and media love affair with this liberal scripted, inexperienced, insincere and political animal is not only failing to convince voters that he should be our next President, but it seems that on a nearly daily basis the media, “messiah,” is losing more and more credibility with those who understand the danger he presents and the seriousness of who we elect to be the next President if The United States.

Ken Taylor ( http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com )