Barack Obama's European Love Affair

He was seen with heads of State in Germany, France and England. An estimated 100 thousand gathered to listen to his speech in Berlin. He was treated like a celebrity Rock Star wherever he went in Europe. The first United States Presidential candidate to use Europe specifically as a campaign stop.

But where did it get Barack Obama ? Polls here in the good old USA where he is actually RUNNING for President either showed no change or actual gains for Republican John McCain while this unprecedented show by Democrat Barack Obama did absolutely nothing but get the liberal Democrat photo ops that impressed the liberal media but did nothing for the voters!

Yet Europe loved Barack Obama. Why ? Specifically because Barack Obama represents something in a United States Presidential candidate that Europeans love. A candidate who by his actions and his policy will give most Europeans what they have wanted for decades. A weaker United States that is an equal to France, Germany and Great Britain rather than more powerful as The United States has been since World War II.

Europeans saw and heard from Barack Obama during his week long tour of the ,”old world,” a Presidential candidate who downplayed American power and talked about a United States that partnered with Europe in all things and with an attitude seeking United Nations and European approval for any action whether militarily or economically that The United States makes under a Barack Obama Presidency.

In his speech in Berlin Barack Obama so downplayed the effect of United States power that he actually revised history giving credit for the end of the Cold War to a total cooperative effort by The United States and Europe. A revisionist comment that completely neglects to remember that other than Britain’s Margaret Thatcher ALL of Europe stood in opposition and actually condemned President Ronald Reagan for his strong stance against the Soviet Union.

Europe with the exception of Thatcher considered Reagan a warmonger who was taking the world to the brink of war because he actually stood up to the Soviets rather than bowing to them as had been the policy for years during most of the Cold War. He was condemned by Europe for calling the Soviets an,”evil Empire.” He was condemned by Europe for the arms build up that bankrupted the Soviets because they could not financially compete with American power.

Even the British Parliament many times joined the rest of Europe in condemning US policy in direct contrast to the unwavering support of their Prime Minister the,”Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher.

Obama also praised Germany for its bravery during the early days of the Cold War especially during the Berlin Airlift. While the German’s did stand brave against Communism during the airlift, Barack Obama in his praise once again neglected to give full credit to the power behind the airlift. It was the United States military who flew the planes into harms way and a United States President, Harry Truman who defied the Soviets and ordered that airlift. Once again Obama downplayed US power in shaping and protecting post WWII Europe.

Many Europeans have long hated The United States because of our power and our belief that we have a set of values that are part of who we are as Americans in which we understand that we have a moral obligation given to us from generation to generation to be the protectors and hope for freedom and liberty in this world.

American have given their blood in battlefields around the world and especially in Europe standing and fighting for these values of freedom and liberty and in fact have saved Europe in two World Wars from the rampage of takeover by despots who sought to enslave Europe under one dictatorial government. It was not until US power made its presence in both World Wars that Europe was set free from this take over. Yet most of Europe forgets the sacrifice made by Americans to ensure European freedom. In WWI, WWII and yes even the Cold War.

Barack Obama plays to this European anger by talking of a United States that no longer dominates the world in its military power and seeks permission from Europe to act on our own behalf. Bowing to The United Nations and European, “allies,” before we protect both our own and yes even their interests as we have done for decades protecting freedom throughout the world.

While it is important for The United States to have good relations with Europe it is not as Obama suggests our responsibility to seek their permission or that of the United Nations before we stand for our own national security or economic development.

Obama’s world view, which is why Europe loves him as they do, has a United States that is on an equal footing with every nation both militarily and economically. “Partners,” in a world that has Socialism as it creed and The United States no longer the worlds lone Superpower.

There are many Europeans who understand the necessity of a strong United States for the betterment and protection of not only Europe but the rest of the world. But many see The United States as arrogant and needing to be taken down a notch or two and that is what they see Barack Obama doing if elected President. That is why the love affair between Obama and Europeans. That is why they came out in throngs to worship at his liberal Socialist feet.

And that is also why this European rock tour did not play as well at home as Obama had hoped. It is why he actually fell in the polls because Americans are not interested in a candidate who campaigns for European votes but for the Presidency of The United States of America where our Constitution states that,” We The People,” of The United States vote in this country for our President in assignment of Electoral Votes.

This European tour for political gain in which Barack Obama even refused to visit soldiers wounded in battle because it could not provide for him a photo op as the Pentagon requested that a military hospital not be used for political purposes, a visit that Obama could have made to the soldiers WITHOUT reporters had he truly wanted to visit these brave soldiers. This tour was a failure for Barack Obama.

The American people while understanding the necessity of European allies do not want a President who bows to the United Nations or any foreign nation including those in Europe. Barack Obama in his attempt to look, “Presidential, ” proved that he would rather satisfy his love affair with being,”one,” with Europe than standing for American power and sovereignty.

He would rather shop than visit troops if it cannot gain some type of political advantage. He would rather downplay Americans place in history and our stand for freedom that has many times been in opposition to many in Europe but has been proven right as that stand brought about the end of The Soviet Union and attempts for Communist expansion both in Europe and throughout the world.

American power and American sacrifice has made the world a safer and better place. Barack Obama would have us yield that power to appease European dissatisfaction with who and what we are as a Nation. That is not an America that voters want nor is Barack Obama , Europe’s chosen candidate, the person Americans want as President of The United States.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com