Barack Obama - Typical Democrat Change Of Stripes Before An Elction

He has touted himself as the ,”candidate for change.” He claims to be above the usual political fray and different then ,”other,” candidates. Yet this liberal Democrat follows in a long line of Democrats who, though claiming to be the party that speaks for the American people, change their stripes in order to gain votes for a General Election.

The only real change that Obama offers comes nearly every day as he changes his position or view on every issue that faces the American people for this election. During the Primaries in order to court the liberal voters who always show up for Democrat Primaries, Obama stood fast to his extremely liberal voting record and leftists views on everything from the war to taxes.

Now that he must court more moderate and even conservative voters for the General Election in November, this candidate of, “change,” has moved toward the center on every issue. Not only does this NOT represent ,”change,” other than just changing positions, Obama is showing that he is a typical liberal Democrat who like hundreds before him shift to the center in order to get votes.

Just going back a few years examples abound of Democrats who shift in order to pander for votes. In 2000 Al Gore changed most of his usual liberal views in order to get the vote. John Kerry did that same in 2004. But this move to the center does not just involve Presidential candidates.

In 2006 when Democrats won back the House and the Senate it was widely reported that so called, “Blue Dog Democrats,” and Democrats who ran a conservative campaign propelled Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid into the leadership of the majority party. Yet as also is typical with Democrats who make this center move, after the election these Zebras who really DO NOT change their stripes govern from the left following their true political views and not those manufactured for the election.

While it is widely known that politics regularly has a deceptive face regardless of political persuasion, the dishonesty of liberal Democrats in order to get elected stands out as one of the most blatant lies politicians ever place before the American voter.

While many of us who support the GOP disagree with several of the Republican candidates and even some of the party platform, at least GOP candidate do NOT change their stripes just to win an election as Democrats do. Yes, there are some issue shifts that like that of John McCain’s concerning drilling, change in accordance to the necessity of the time as all politicians must do from time to time to meet the demands of the moment.

But Democrats traditionally make dramatic shifts like Barack Obama has done in recent weeks in order to court voters other than their liberal base. A base that is actually more in line with the real views of most Democrat candidates but whose numbers are not enough to allow these liberal Democrats to win a General Election so candidates move to the center long enough to court votes, then step back to the left once elected.

All the while continually claiming both during an election and even after elected that they and they only represent the views of the majority of the American people. If this were actually the case then why do they see the necessity of changing their liberal stripes in order to get elected ?

The answer for that is simple. This Nation politically speaking if more centrists even center right as a hole and the only way that any Democrat can win is to court those voters who only follow politics as a General Election approaches and in many cases actually have little or no clue as to the real positions of these Democrat stripe changers because they have not followed the run through the Primaries and as such ONLY hear the views of liberals AFTER they have made their centrist move.

Democrats have banked on this uninformed large voter block in every election and have capitalized on it by changing their liberal stripes before most of these voters start paying attention in the final weeks before a General Election.

Barack Obama this year is among the worst at this stripe changing deception as he has changed his views on virtually EVERY issue that is facing voters in this election year. He has the most liberal voting record in The United States Senate but if one compares what he is campaigning on to that record his campaign and his record are almost polar opposites.

If one were to even look at the Obama of the primaries and the Obama of today, that polar shift would be just as obvious and his stripe changing has actually taken place since he defeated Hillary Clinton in June. In the course of less than 30 days Barack Obama has changed his views on nearly EVERY campaign issue and now is in the midst of an obvious campaign trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Europe to grand stand with ABC, NBC and CBS and his chosen poll of 200 biased reporters to cover the second coming of JFK in Europe and the Obamamessiah pretending to adore the troops.

Unlike his predecessors in the Democrat Party who have shifted to the center in order to deceive the voting public, Obama plays the stripe changing game with far less regard for his liberal base. His shift to the center especially on Iraq has angered many on the left who have raised Obama to liberal rock Star status, yet his arrogance fully allows him to believe that he has this liberal base in the bag for the election and he no longer need court then in favor of pandering to the center.

This may very well backfire on him as nearly every day groups of Democrats opposed to Obama are showing up on news programs and the Internet. Many who claim to have membership in the hundreds of thousands and one I saw on Fox News last week who claim membership in the millions.

While the media still see him as the darling they drool over daily, many within the Democrat Party not only do not like him as the chosen representative for the DNC but are actually considering or already backing John McCain’s candidacy.

Democrats have changed their political stripes shifting to the center in every election in the past twenty years, but I have never seen such a backlash of Democrats who have come out against the Democrat nominee as I have with Barack Obama. These large numbers of disgruntled Democrats and his centrist shift that is even being reported by his buddies in the press because of how dramatic the shift is from his far left liberal stances may very well be the undoing of Barack Obama come November.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com