Barack Obama's Uninformed Plan For Iraq And Afghanistan

He has made one trip to Iraq. He has never been to Afghanistan. His military policy decisions are based on a long standing anti-war agenda and advice from everyone EXCEPT active commanders in the field like General David Patraeus.

Yet Barack Obama has now seen fit to make a major policy statement concerning Iraq, Afghanistan and the on going was against terrorism. Appeasing the liberal left calling for a complete pull out from Iraq within 16 months of his perceived election as President regardless of the situation or the adverse effect it would have on the region. Then stating that the, “war,” in Afghanistan is one ,”we have to win,” as if we are losing and it has been a neglected field of battle.

His comments on Afghanistan are also designed to appease those in the middle who though war weary still understand that we are at war and we are at war for the purpose of victory. My first question abouts Obama’s, “policy,” is similar to that of GOP nominee John McCain’s response to Obama’s plan.

How can anyone make any type of plan for Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere that US forces are engaged without first understanding the situation from first hand experience by visiting the field of battle, and second without informed information from those who are in command and as such have detailed intelligence from the perspective of active military situations ?

His contention that ,”we have to win,” in Afghanistan is insinuating that we are losing and that Afghanistan has been neglected because of Iraq, which is an absolute falsehood. Afghanistan has been a theatre that was, “won,” long ago. As with any battle theatre there is always a considerable amount of clean up so to speak and Afghanistan is no exception.

The resurgence of activity in Afghanistan is coming from a defeated foe, the Taliban, who understand that what is left of their fighting force has its days numbered and just like an animal who is cornered just before the kill comes out fighting as a last effort for survival.

Yes in order to end this last ditch effort by the defeated Taliban and their Al Qaeda partners it may take an increase in troop strength to bring a final and complete conclusion to the Afghanistan theatre. But to insinuate that we may be losing and that Afghanistan is escalating greatly as Obama is portraying in his policy statement is absurd and uninformed at best.

His contention that we can just, “pull out,” of Iraq in 16 months without having massive ramifications especially in light of the tremendous success that has taken place in the last year is a naive and dangerous policy that begs for defeat in the midst of surrender in a theatre that has brought victory and success.

This policy by Obama also follows the continuing Democrat idea that Iraq and Afghanistan are two separate wars and not two theatres of the same war. To portray Iraq and Afghanistan as separate wars would be like saying the European theatre and the Pacific theatre of battle in WWII were actually WWII and WWIII since they both occurred in different geographical areas.

Both theatres of battle, Iraq and Afghanistan have succeeded in destroying terrorist capabilities which has not only made The United States safer but also the rest of the world as terrorist activities worldwide have been almost non-existent except in the two theatres of battle where we have troops defeating this Islamic enemy.

Many on the left will also try and argue that since Iraq’s Prime Minister has mentioned a timetable of withdrawal that Obama’s idea is more in line with the current situation. But in looking at the negotiation process with the Maliki government the contention about US troop involvement in Iraq is a disagreement over the US idea of five years and the Maliki governments idea of two or three years NOT 16 months as Obama suggests.

Also both the US and Maliki positions are based on security situations in Iraq and NOT just a blanket pull out decision like that of Barack Obama. Maliki is also trying to appease Shiite hardliners like Muqtada Sadr who have long called for the end of all US presence in Iraq regardless of the military or security situation.

In his Iraq/Afghanistan plan Barack Obama is once again showing his complete naive approach to foreign and especially military affairs as well as his massive inexperience with dealing with real situations as opposed to making blanket statements in order to try and get votes and satisfy liberals who back his candidacy.

Ken Taylor http://theliberalslies.blogspot.com