As someone whose political experience has been limited to voting, listening to talk radio, and reading blogs, I appreciate what you at Redstate are doing to educate people like me.

Thanks to a column I read several months ago about becoming active in our local Republican group, I went online and printed the application, put it in an envelope, addressed it and left it sitting on my desk. I’m a school teacher so it sat on my desk for the two months of summer vacation. Last week I had to grab something from my classroom and saw the application sitting there. I put it in the mail immediately.

After listening to the informative speakers at the Redstate Gathering, I now know what to do next. I’m going to give the application a couple of days to get to our County leader and then I am going to call and find out if my precinct has a chairperson. If we do, I will attend the meetings and volunteer my efforts. If we don’t, I will volunteer for that position. I am also joining my local Republican Women’s group.

Thanks for the education, Redstate. Not only that but thanks for the opportunity to hear the speakers on Saturday. I took something positive away from each and every person that spoke.

My brother is trying to convince me to become actively involved in a third-party. I am trying to convince him that conservative, small-government people can take back the Republican Party.

Thanks so much to all who toiled to make this gathering possible. It meant a lot to me.

Now, where do I send my pics?

Thank you all,