Why WI Democratic Recalls (Especially the 22nd District) Matter

It’s no secret that there is a full-on, heated political war in Wisconsin these days.  Accusations are being thrown around about abusive behavior between Supreme Court justices, the Republican Party is running protest candidates in recall elections, and protesters continue to attempt to disrupt the work of legislators at the state capitol.  It’s a mess.

However, despite all the drama, Governor Walker has managed to pass a balanced budget that will put Wisconsin back on the path to prosperity.  And despite the liberals and their unions attempting to distort the Governor’s actions, since taking office he has managed to move WI up 17 spots on the ranking of best places to do business.  Each month job numbers are increasing, with particular focus on the private-sector.  Walker continues to improve the business environment in Wisconsin amist adversity and unnecessary political drama.

There are 6 Republican Senators being recalled, and of the 6, 3 are potentially vulnerable and 2 are likely to lose their seats.  These Senators have done nothing to deserve being recalled.  Unfortunately despite our best efforts, it is likely that we will lose at minimum, two seats.  This is why the recall elections against the Wisconsin Democratic Senators MUST succeed.

On the other side, there are 3 Democrats being recalled.  These are the Senators that fled to Illinois, abandoned their constituents and refused to show up to vote (all while collecting wages and benefits, not to mentions thousands of dollars in donations from liberal interests groups across the country).   There is one democrat that is particularly vulnerable – and that is Bob Wirch from Senate District 22.

Wirch’s district lies right on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois (convenient for him when he wants to flee).  In 2004, current RNC Chairman Reince Preibus just barely lost his race to Wirch.  In the intense 2010 Supreme Court election, Justice Prosser lost the district by just over 1,000 votes.

The district is mostly conservative; the City of Kenosha is where the most votes for Democrats come from.   However, this time around Wirch can be beat.  Not only are conservatives furious with Wirch, but Democrats and Independents are upset with him for leaving the state.  Wirch has won all his previous campaigns in a presidential election year – he’s never run in a special election or off-election year when his base isn’t likely to turn out in massive numbers.

Former small business owner and captial markets attorney Jonathan Steitz is ready to take Wirch out in August.  He’s just the right candidate for the area – private-sector guy with a young family who has the stamina to take whatever the unions throw at him in August.

It’s critical that we get behind Steitz and support his efforts to take out Wirch – because if he doesn’t have the resources to do so, Wisconsin will likely lose the senate majority, causing conservative legislators to have to fight even harder for every piece of legislation that they want to pass.  We simply do not have the time for more liberal stall tactics – the time to fix our state and bring jobs back to the area is NOW.  If we lose all three Democratic recalls, we will fail to hold the senators that fled their jobs accountable.

For more information on Jonathan Steitz check out his website www.steitzforsenate.com or his facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SteitzforSenate