Governor Gary Johnson

Thursday night a lot of people got to see Governor Gary Johnson for the first time in the Republican Debate. He made an impression causing “Gary Johnson” to be the most searched term on Google today. Here’s some facts everyone should know about Gary Johnson and his two terms as governor:

• Before running for Governor he grew a one man handyman business to a thousand employees.

• Not only did he cut taxes 14 times as Governor, Gary Johnson’s 8 years as governor  was the longest period of time New Mexico had ever gone without a raise in taxes.

• As governor Gary Johnson vetoed 750 bills during his two terms – more bills vetoed then all the other governors during the same 8 year period combined – earning him the nickname Governor Veto. One third of those bills were Republican bills.

• Gary Johnson used his line-item veto thousands of times.

• Gary Johnson made the healthcare plan he received as governor available to every citizen of New Mexico and transitioned the state’s Medicare program to managed care. This provided incentives for better care, cost control, and lowered the cost to the state of New Mexico by 25%.

• He reduced the number of state employees by over a thousand employees.

• When he expressed interest in running for Governor of New Mexico the Republican establishment advised him that in order to run for governor he would need to run for lower offices first. Gary ignored their advice and won against a Democratic incumbent 50% – 40% in a state where registered Democrats out number registered Republicans 2 – 1.

• When Gary Johnson ran for reelection the democrats put up a hispanic candidate in a state that is 40% hispanic and has a 2-1 Dem – GOP ratio. Gary Johnson then won 55% to 45%.

• Gary Johnson could not run for third term because he was term limited. He left undefeated. He left the state with a $1 billion dollar surplus.

• Gary Johnson’s adherence to rock solid limited government principles brought his state 11.7% job growth over the course of this two terms.

Where others merely talk the talk about small government principles Gary Johnson has walked the walk as demonstrated by his unmatched rock solid limited government record as a two-term Governor.