Ohio Democrat chair calls the Tea Party "These f***ers"

Ohio Democrat Chairman Chris Redfern is a classy guy.  But he’s facing imminent doom in Ohio.  The entire statewide slate of Democrats is badly behind in the polls.  It’s got him pretty frustrated, and he tells the Steelworkers Union it’s all because of the Tea Party, those f***ers!

View the video here. (Warning: uncensored)

Furthermore, a day later, Redfern refuses to apologize.

“It is what it is,” Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern told Fox News regarding his Monday appearance at an endorsement event by the United Steelworkers for several Ohio Democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland. 

“Vice President Biden and I have a way with words,” Redfern said, conjuring up the vice president’s description this spring of the signing of the health care law as a “big f—ing deal.”

Yeah, Chris.  Calling an entire movement of people “f—ers” in PUBLIC, is the same as Biden making a private remark when he thought the mike was off.

You “f—ers” can send Redfern a polite message to his Blackberry at [email protected]