Obama Doubles Number of Troops in Afghanistan. Wait...What?

Obama’s Presidential campaign was pretty much based on getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, playing to the anti-war movement, to be fair he did make statements about Afghanistan deteriorating and being ignored, but he has doubled the number of troops there now and the anti-war groups seem to be eerily silent.

Obama has voiced strong commitment to the ongoing Afghan conflict but has been cautious about making any additional military resources available beyond the 17,000 combat troops and 4,000 military trainers he agreed to in February. That will bring the total U.S. force to 68,000 by fall.

In 2008 there were around 34,000 troops, by fall there will be 68,000, that’s almost half as many we have in Iraq! I’d say that is a fair amount of escalation, a surge if you will so maybe the situation was getting pretty dire, maybe Obama is actually listening to his Generals in the field. I don’t know what surprises me more, the silence of the anti-war groups(actually not surprising at all) or that Obama might actually be, dare I say, hawkish.

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